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Thread: Just to be sure

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    Default Just to be sure

    I'm writing a story and that stories have characters in it (what a surprise). At the moment I kind of lost my inspiration and I need something to help myself continue the story. So I thought: I have this idea of how my characters are and what types they are, but maybe, if you see them differently, it may give me new ideas with which I can continue the storyline.

    Main character:
    Female, 35 years old, coffee lady. Feels like her real life stopped when she was 12. Got married when she was 19, to a 47 year old man who she only married for the money. Cheats on her husband, has many one night stands and she tried to kill her husband many times. After the 129th try she succeeds. When her husband died, she started partying a lot, but she also made the decision to do something good with her life as well. As a result she goes searching for an aquaintance who disappeared 19 years before.

    The Psychologist:
    Female, 34 years old. Loves talking about beauty stuff and doesn't really get people. Probably the worst psychologist in the whole country. She sees herself as a very spiritual person and she's proud of the fact that her kids are Indigo children. Huge fan of eighties music, especially the Bangles, she sings their songs all day long. In the end she turns alcoholic, after she made herself believe that she killed the ain character's husband.

    The Butler:
    Male, 35 years old, ex-homeless guy. Lost his wife 5 years ago, after that he lost his job, his money and his house. Lived inside a box along the high way for 4 years with his son, who was a few months old when his mom died. When he gets his job as a butler and when he gets a decent place to sleep, he chooses not to shave his beard off. He wants to make a statement with it, just like he wants to make a statement with everything. When the butler meets a pr-manager, his beard gets him a role in a commercial for cookies. The butler gets the role of Jesus Christ, which he enjoys in the beginning (because now he can say that he's the Messiah in front of the camera), but which makes him really paranoid.

    14 years old. When her father dies, she feels nothing, because she thinks that she doesn't know her father anyway. A few weeks later she gets an affaire with an 40 year old man (who is married and had two children). She's smart, very good at learning languages, but she hates school because of all the "conservative, petty turds" that are walking around there. She likes annoying her teachers and her peers by yelling random things that don't make any sense (like "Eew whee, catch me, I'm a tree, oh daddy sucked you of, you're temper is my gelatine, FETA CHEESE!"). Really close to her mother.

    11 years old. Little casanova with a heart of gold. Like bringing poor little animals (and people) home and then he asks his mother if these animals (and people) can stay. Felt really shocked after his father died, but doesn't show his feelings. Tries to cheer himself up by picking up girls.

    Dead husband:
    63 years old, lawyer. Forced his wife into marriage. Very chauvinistic and a workaholic. Doesn't notice that his wife is trying to kill him all these times. Doesn't know that his wife is cheating on him. Doesn't talk to his children, he only tells them what to do and what to think. Best lawyer in the country. Huge fan of the Tour de France, and sometimes he goes to France, just to wait by the finish and see the cyclists arrive. Only uses poetic language.
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    Main character:
    Female, 35 years old, coffee lady: sounds like an ESTP lady I know. Might be a bit difficult to write an ESTP female as they seem pretty rare as main characters in literature. If you were going to make her more like Anna Karenina and Madame Bovary they would be F doms easier to write but then the character a little cliché. An ESTP female lead would on the other hand seem more fresh and cutting edge (but also more challenging) As a compromise perhaps an ENTP.
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