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    I have a need to "relate to other people and ensure I am there for others and they are there for me."
    - Feeling...leaning towards Fe, but could be Fi, especially in the aux position.

    I have a need to "tune in to how people feel, which helps me do good through my actions."
    - Feeling.....Fe. Fi heals by tuning into itself.

    It helps me to "consider the possibilities, or to locate a mental signpost that helps guide my actions through life."

    - Ni, but could be Ne possibilities + Fi values

    It helps me to "follow tangents for their own sake, or link things together unexpectedly through context."

    - Ne

    It helps me to "get things done, to accumulate achievement that's objectively (or subjectively) measurable."

    - Te

    It helps me to "have things ordered in my head, for situations to really make sense before I move forward."

    - Ti

    It helps me to "...think things through logically, so I can figure out the best possible outcome from my actions."

    - Could be Ti or Fi, both aided by Ne, IMO.

    I find it easy to succumb to "my own irrational feelings about a situation, which prevents me from really contributing to the system in general."

    - Fi on a bad day

    I find it easy to succumb to "a need for safety and security, to stop myself from jumping into the unknown too quickly."

    - Si

    I find it easy to succumb to "being so emotionally detached and distant from my family and friends. Cold, calculated logic too easily ignores the relationships that people have" under stress/pressure.

    - Thinking as a shadow function, Ti or Te

    I find it easy to succumb to "...focusing on tradition, so keep things truly stable and secure."

    - Si

    I find it easy to succumb to "...doing bizaare and unexpected things."

    - Likely Ne or Se, possibly Ni.

    I find it taxing to demonstrate "shallow agreeableness or pretension, just to show off and cover up for my more obvious shortcomings."

    - Fi or Ti

    I find it taxing to exhibit "know-it-all abstract thinking, as if I could predict or control what will happen in the future."

    - Se, maybe Si. Si sometimes predicts based on knowledge of the past.

    I find it taxing to exhibit "...materialistic behavior/shortcomings, to show off how spectacular I am. I tend to be a bit of a show off as a result."

    - So you are or aren't a show off? I'm assuming the "taxing" part negates the last sentence. This sounds like Fi. If it means you are a show off, then Se or Ne.


    I would go with ENFP (Ne Fi Te Si) for an individual with all of these qualities. I see a trend of Ne, Fi and Si. There's not enough Se to be ENFJ, IMO.
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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    Umm Fe, Fi, Ni, Ne, Te, Ti, Te, Fi, Si, Fe, Si, Ne, Fe, Ni, Se

    "I have a need to" - dominant
    "It helps me to" - secondary
    "I find it easy to" - tertiary
    "I find it taxing to" - inferior

    Where's the answer sheet?

    Edit: Mistakes correction somewhere along the way

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    Since there is no right or wrong answer, I wanted to see what typo central members think of it themselves. These were all great answers, and thank you for taking the time to participate and share your thoughts.

    Actually, I'm really sorry, but there is no 'answer sheet.' This was an open question to get perspectives from as many people as possible.

    If you want to get one person's point of view, check out this thread.

    When I read ^^^ that post, I basically chose the statements that applied to me and placed my own preference in front of it. (i.e. I did not simply pick statements that matched MBTI types; I chose them regardless of type correlation).

    However, since these preferences match different types, I wanted to see what you thought....

    Then I wondered what (stereo)type that combination would be.
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