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    Default Am I INFP or INFJ?

    I'm very confused at the moment..... when I started testing I mostly came out as INFP, but after a while also as INFJ. It really depended on whatever, time of day, mood, etc. but the only variable changing has always been P/J.
    now I did the cognitive functions test again and again and it always said ENFP as first choice, the others varying, but never including INFJ. I'm quite sure I'm not ENFP, definitely. I am not an E, I need so much time for myself, thinking about myself, and even cannot direct too quickly in many situations, always having to think about my answer (especially in class, I keep formulating every sentence in my head before I even consider saying it out aloud). Lately I found that INFJ suits me better, because I think I do not use Fi but Fe. But somehow, I'm some confused now....arghh. Not sure about anything......
    How do INFP and INFJ mostly differ? I know about there different functions, but I'm not so sure about how those functions show in everyday behaviour....
    I cannot decide wheter I enjoy planning ahead or not, e.g. I DO it, but it oven wears me out and I rather want to decide spontaneously what I want to do.
    Then, I am somewhat organized and like closure, like having made a decision, but on the other hand I can NEVER make up my mind before, and often have trouble writing a paper without any outer motivation (as deadlines).....

    sorry for rambling on...... I'd really appreciate your help....

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    INFP if you dont know.

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    I could never decide whether I was P or J based on those lists of "P characteristics" and "J characteristics". P and J preferences show up very differently in different types. I advise you to forget those and just look at each possible type as a whole.

    If ENFP was first choice, I assume you showed high use of Ne and Fi. Those are the same top two functions of INFPs, only in the reverse order. So, that might suggest INFP.

    Have you compared Ni (dominant function of INFJs) with Fi (dominant function of INFPs)? Does one pop out at you, make you think, 'yes, that's me'?

    Also, have you had a look at this thread?

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    I'd say J, definitely.
    "In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present." -Francis Bacon

    "No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible." -George Chakiris

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    P and J absolutely should not be considered as an individual dichotomy until after you really understand Jung's functions. J and P were something Briggs and Myers developed after Jung and from Jung's work in order to describe which function was extroverted. I would say it's easy to believe one was "borderline E/I," somewhat less easy to believe "borderline T/F or N/S," and damn near impossible to be "borderline P/J."

    P means you extrovert your perception (Ne). J would mean you extrovert your judgment (Fe). Now, these are completely different things. INFJ's use Ni and Fe, whereas INFP's use Fi and Ne. They're almost direct opposites. Your main attitudinal mode is the same, however the functions flip-flop. I suggest you look up some sources that describe Ni, Ne, Fi, and Fe before you attempt to figure this out. I'll give you a couple:

    Understanding the Eight Jungian Cognitive Processes / Eight Functions Attitudes
    Myers-Briggs eight functions carl jung, jungian cognitive functions, mental functions

    Godspeed my friend.

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