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    Not positive but there is the Ti dom interaction with the ENFP and the drawing similar conclusions to you with a less theoretical basis.

    The individuality, strength of self and conviction also seems ISTP. And the need for good relationships.
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    I think you need to just wear your friend down until they take the test. If they are ESFx .. Just tell them it would mean so much to you and you already have the page ready for them .. Give them the puppy dog eyes .. That usually works, lol

    It is OK saying that stereotypically they do or don't behave like this and that .. but me, my mum and my sister are all ESFJ's and although we are very similar in some ways, we are also different.

    My mum is sooo good-bad people in the world and very judgemental as is my sister but i am nowhere near as bad *shudders*

    They don't like to think outside the box as it messes with their perception of the world whereas i actually enjoy it due to my curious nature.

    To them being curious is buying shit loads of none useful crap, i like to read books. Lol

    Good luck anyway
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    My guess is an ISFP.

    Could you please explain what makes you think she's extraverted in the first place? Every single ESFPs I know is a very prominent extravert, which makes me think that if she seems only "moderately extraverted" to you she might be really rather a more sociable introvert with good people skills. You've also described more Fi traits than Se traits (while when it comes to ESFPs I know, it often feels like their Se heavily overwhelms their Fi), but perhaps you only thought it was obvious

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