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    I've made most of my friends and close acquaintances take the test. I give them a brief description of what it is (most know, they learned about it in psychology class or something), have them take the test, and read their type's description on personality page (my favorite online description page). I talk to them about it afterward, to see how they feel about it, and if it describes them. 99% of the time, they say it's "creepily accurate". From then on, I take a mental note of what their type was, and observe them and compare them to others that have similar types, and on and on and on...I've gotten fairly decent at typing people. Now I type them beforehand, and then have them take the test, to see how I'm doing
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    For most people, I am just guessing.

    Actually, I find that the better I know a person, the harder it is to guess their type. My best friends are the fuzziest, because I can see so many aspects of their personality and am not sure which way it could lean overall. That doesn't "upset" me, but it's a funny phenomenon.

    Maybe the less you know about people, the more they lack "3-dimensionality," making it simpler to fit to archetypes.

    I asked my sisters to take it, making it sound like an "on a whim" thing, so they did. On the whole, though, it doesn't really fit into conversation to ask someone to take an MBTI test.
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    Hmm, for the most part I guess as well. I've gotten a couple of them to take the test and I've usually been correct about the I/E and J/P. The S/N is the hardest to tell. My best best friends seem to be INxx types. I guess I just need to learn the functions better to know the rest.
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    I had some people take tests. As I become more familiar with the types I'm better at placing people. It is for my own amusement. Although ISTPs usually end up enjoying their type, it's fun to tell them what theirs is. (brother and friend are both istp) I think they don't always fit "this world" any better than struggling NTs and NFs.

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    I know about 40 people who have taken the online or real tests. (Most of them were in a gap year program where we took them together after living together for months on end.)
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