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Thread: IxxJ?

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    I got him to take the test twice. INTJ. But his J is like 22% or something, so it's not very strong. And he is also the man I am now seeing. We'll see how long this lasts.. bwahahaha.
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    You must be toxically irresistable to get him to give you keys to his place in a week.

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    Actually... we had met like once at a bar a long time ago and exchanged info and started chatting online a lot, so it's not like we didn't really know each other well. We were interested in each other, but then this guy who was my friend for 2 years and I started dating. I figured since I knew this guy for longer, I should just be with him instead. I'm going to guess he was an INFJ. He broke up with me for a girl he had been chatting with online for 5 years but never met, but she finally moved to the US so yeaa. I was so depressed for a while, but then I started talking to the other guy again and now we're dating and he's like a 100x better version of the last guy.

    I sound stupid.
    E(66%) N (70%) F(63%) P (71%)
    Enneagram: 7w2, sx/so/sp
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