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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    ISFJ and INTP is generally a very stable and cool relation.

    As for the SJ bashing, I've noticed that "modernized" SJs are really cool, the ones with an open mind to new things and such. Lots of the bashing comes from the people who aren't like this. I call it "modernized" because in this day and age it's generally a good thing to be open minded, and being raised in that environment will make someone value being open minded more, especially an SJ I imagine (from observing how effected they are with how they are raised). And you have stuff like this- "Waaah! I'm a 15 year old INTP, and I hate my teacher, so she must be an ESFJ! SJs suck!" <- Majority.
    Agreed, but to take it a step further, I don't know that "closed-minded" is in and of itself ALWAYS a bad thing. I think it gets used too often as a synonym for bigotry or xenophobia, and in that context - yeah, it's bad. But on a lot of basic (non-controversial) moral questions, open-mindedness can be at least as great a weakness. And on the more mundane - eating the same breakfast food every day, etc... - I don't see why either open or closed mindedness is preferred. Someone who doesn't like to try a lot of new foods (or vacation different places, etc) is not necessarily culturally inferior to someone who does. It's not as though one is enlightened and the other isn't. Just different preferences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentStream View Post
    I'm having trouble deciding whether my friend is an ISFJ or INFJ.

    Her characteristics include:

    She is studying to be a nurse. She has chosen to study externally rather than on campus. She finds human biology very interesting.

    She wants to be the overseer nurse in an aged care home. She says she wants to do this so that she can make sure the carers do things 'the right way.' She found during work experience that they cut corners and don't treat residents with compassion. She wasn't afraid to criticise the owner of the aged care home to her face, apparently she told her in no uncertain terms what she thought of the place.

    She shares my interest in historical dramas and classic novels, but she doesn't as read as much as I do. She seems to prefer the TV and film.

    We often talk about the future together, deciding how we want to live, what kind of work we want to do, where we want to live, what kind of house etc.

    She doesn't like to be social and she says she hates people. She hardly goes out socially unless it is a family event or a religious social event, such as a wedding of someone in the Church.

    Her mother is an ISFJ and they get on well together, but she has said to me that her mum fusses too much.

    She has firm religious beliefs, she attends church, but she isn't baptised although she plans to soon.

    She can tell the funniest stories and she loves to laugh.

    She talks a lot about ethical and moral problems that she sees people she knows are experiencing. She thinks about what she would do in the situation. She can be very adament about whether a person is good or bad. She has a very people oriented conversation, she tells me all the news about people she knows and we talk about whether we thought they are making the right decisions in their life.

    She likes to talk about what she is learning and apply the information to the health problems of people we know, coming up with solutions as to how they should treat their problems and how to prevent them from occurring.

    She loves british comedies.

    She says she likes to garden, she has her own veggie patch in the garden.

    She loves food, she isn't shy to loudly declare that she is hungry even though she just ate. Its kind of her trade mark.

    She is 19 and lives with her family.

    She likes to be unique. She doesn't follow the crowd. She wears exactly what she wants to and doesn't follow the latest fashion.

    She is very concerned about international issues such as poverty, child abuse, war and genocide. She wanted to get a degree in Social Work and International studies at one stage.

    She isn't the Martyr type and if she doesn't want to do something she will readily say no.

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    I guess ISFJ or ISFP. Both are awesome.
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