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    Default Help me type this MYSTERY!

    Letter by letter...

    E or I?

    He has a sort of reserved character about him in that he doesn't talk just to talk. But he is the funniest person I have ever met. He makes the funniest jokes I have ever heard and he's very flirty but he holds back too. He is a sharp dresser and image conscious. He's kind of insecure about it.

    S or N?

    He takes care of his appearance very well so I thought that might be an S thing. But sometimes he won't answer my questions and it drives me crazy which is an N thing.

    F or T?

    He volunteers to help children with MS all the time. He wants that to be his full time job. He used to want to be an artist until he got to college and then he switched to psychology because he wants to help kids with special needs. But I think he might be a T because sometimes he says insensitive things and doesn't see too empathetic about people's problems.

    J or P?

    He seems serious until you get him talking and then he's really playful and funny and flirty but he also holds back a little. He takes his school work seriously and always gets good grades.


    He loves to have intellectual discussions and he's very opinionated. I think he kind of seems to make judgements about things as if they are simple fact that everyone knows. Whereas I think that's pretty naive and that everyone has their own individual journey in life and you can't possibly all have experienced the same things so there is no right or wrong. And let's see... Oh, he hasn't had a girlfriend in a couple years and he claims that he wants one and always has a couple prospects but it hasn't happened for years. His friend says that he LIKES to be single and keeps it that way on purpose but his friend might have said that to me because he is protective of me. Oh and he thinks MBTI is voodoo and he says he refuses to be put in a category. As much as I try to correct his misconceptions, it doesn't do me any good.
    E - 79% I - 21%
    S - 53% N - 47%
    T - 32% F - 68%
    J - 32% P - 68%


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    E vs I is more where a person gets their energy from, and not a measure of how reserved, flirty or chatty they are

    S vs N is how a person takes in information. It's pretty much impossible to know just by looking at someone how they are taking in information.. The example you gave don't really point to either S or N

    T vs F is what someone's preference for decision making is. A T and an F can come to the same conclusions they just might take different steps to coming to to that conclusion. Both T's and Fs can be artists and decide to have careers based geared towards being helpful to others. And T's don't have the monopoly on not being empathetic

    J or P aren't really functions but how you use the other other 3 functions..

    To make a long story short, I don't get anything definite from what you've posted about the guy. Why not try slyly asking him MBTI questions?

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    Yeah, I agree - you would probably benefit from taking a different approach: try to understand the Jungian functions first and how the primary and secondary preferences interact with each other, then you might have a better conceptual way to put a finger on things.

    As opposed to 16 types, there are only 8 different possible functions (Ni, Ne, Si, Se, Fi, Fe, Ti, and Te). If you can figure out 1) which two of these he uses most often and 2) which one he uses more, and which one flows from the other, you'll easily be able to make the connection from Jung to MBTI.

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