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    Meh. I got ISFJ on the facebook test. I wouldn't go by it.
    If a deaf INFP falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

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    I had her take that kid-test at PersonalityPage as her child-self (I find it to help when you just want to identify a dominant function.. plus, her persona has changed a bit from when I first met her a longggg longgggggg time ago in elementary school).

    She got IFP. She said the result was a scarily accurate description of her as a child.

    I have decided she is indeed an INFP.
    A colleague of the great scientist James Watson remarked that Watson was always “lounging around, arguing about problems instead of doing experiments.” He concluded that “There is more than one way of doing good science.”
    It was Watson’s form of idleness, the scientist went on to say, that allowed him to solve “the greatest of all biological problems: the discovery of the structure of DNA.” It's a point worth remembering in a society overly concerned with efficiency.

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    I get more XSFP than INFP from this. And if she were ISFP she would be pretty similar to INFP as a child, what with the dom Fi.

    I can't imagine ever in a million years calling someone 'Honey'. And ISFPs are supposed to be more into kids. I think INFPs are more likely to talk to kids as if they're adults.

    Fluffy air-headed ball of sunshine? That would never be me. Although brutally honest? Sometimes...

    Hardworking? INFP? Snicker.

    I'm leaning toward ESFP.

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