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    Default INTP on MBTI, INTJ on Socionics?

    Whenever I take the MBTI test, I always get INTP. I'm introverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving.

    When I evaluate my cognitive functions, however, I seem to get INTJ. I have very strong introverted intuition, and also very strong introverted thinking. My feeling is also my inferior function. None of those things fit anywhere, but the closest is INTJ. Now, I definately dislike rigidness and an very indicisive and do things at the last minute, etc, but my introverted intuition is very strong. What am I? I don't know, and it's been irritating me for days.

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    In Socionics, LII (INTj) and ILI (INTp) both use Ti and Ni. However, each type tends to only express their dominant function outside of their internal world. If you're slightly hung up on Socionics, there's a possible solution to your problem. A major difference is that ILE (INTp) is inclined to loath Ne while an LII(INTj) is more inclined to loathe Te in a similar manner.

    As for MBTI, functions are still disputed. I've seen a lot of INTPs on here with strong Ni. For some reason, INTJs don't show their function order as much, so I can't confirm things from a Ti perspective.

    However, based on the limited information you have just provided in this post, INTP would appear to have more evidence as being your type.
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    Welcome to the club. It is important to remember that if you are prioritizing function order, you must take in to account that socionics functions are slightly different in terms of what they mean, and what they do.

    Take a look at the alpha, then gamma quadras and their descriptions, and find which style you relate to a bit more. I find, that in socionics, Ni does a lot of what MBTI says Ti does, while maintaining some aspects of Ne as well, so INTp can still be a fit.

    I used to think LII for myself, but now I am drifting over to ILI again after further contemplation.

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