Oh man, this sounds almost identical to me. Maybe it's just ISFJ bias, but I really think he's ISFJ. His dominant function has a few different implications. Si, on one level, is the "play it safe" function. He values tradition, and like you said, he's had the same interest in things his whole life and doesn't usually like to try new things. That's soooo Si. His constantly talking about his feelings in an open and outward manner is total Fe, that's probably his secondary function. It sounds like his Fe also stems from his Si (a perfect indicator for ISFJ); and I say that mostly because it sounds like his outer vocalizations of his feelings are a direct result of his inner sensory perception (Si). Being displeased with people not doing their job correctly is very xSFJ - I find myself doing that allllllll the time. "WHY is he not GOING AT THE GREEN LIGHT?!!?!?!" I think maybe there's a sliiiiight chance he's ESFJ, but only because you seem to accentuate his Fe function more so than his Si mode. But I'm gonna stick with ISFJ. Tell me what you think