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Thread: Another friend

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    Default Another friend

    Sorry to bother you again.....just ignore this thread if you find it annoying....

    I have been wondering about this friend of mine, I mean, about his type...because it's often difficult to get along with

    1.) He's playing guitar and writing songs in a band. Don't know what to say about the lyrics (if they are S or N) does not like to tell a story in the lyrics but keep it open to interpretation so everyone can identify with them.

    2.) Has studied political science in order to become a teacher, but does not want to to this right now (has a different job).

    3.) He says about himself he is a visionary and wants to change the world (though I dont know what he has done in order to achieve that)

    4.) He says when he does something he does it in an extreme way (and obviously dispises "lukewarm" people).

    5.) Likes to argue about everything, and argues as long as you are convinced or say you are....very, very annoying. Very insensitive and very often he tells you what personality type you are (and is wrong), very judgemental, almost very narrow-minded in my opinion.....

    6.) Has accused me of not being a visionary, even though he says this is not meant to be judging (though it is!). Very bad knowlegde of human nature....I mean, I know him for years and he does not have a clue about me....

    7.) He is very ambitious, even though he often has difficulties with concentrating I think (He says he has ADS).

    mh....dont know what else I could say...... any ideas? something else you need to know?

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    Don't know about his type. Not totally agreeing with ENTJ, though. He sounds like he likes to talk the talk, but chickens out when it's time to walk the walk. I consider myself more action-oriented, rather than just babbling about it.

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