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    Default Please help me type someone :)


    As of yet, I’m still very bad at typing other people due to both ignorance and inexperience. I know about functions in principle but still cannot apply them in real life.

    Please help me type this guy! This is someone very special to me close to my heart (I doubt it’s vice versa!), though we are not friends. I suppose I could call him a colleague - a former one, sadly, as my short stint came to a close before I really got to know him.

    This is how I've perceived him. I apologise that the list is a bit long; in my attempt to be thorough I may have become a little enthusiastic. Still, it is by no means an exhaustive list; I've already tried to cut down!

    • If it’s of any use, he is about 35 and is single. However, his mental age is probably half that. He is positively child-like! And he is very good with children (as long as he can hand them back to someone)
    • Never gets angry or impatient. Never apologises. Forgiving.
    • Bookworm
    • Has INSANE memory, both short and long-term! (not the savant sort) Keeps up with a billion things at once.
    • Very easy to feel intimidated by him. Not because he is scary – on the contrary, he is extremely approachable and affable – but because you don’t feel personally connected. He says little that is unnecessary and does not ask you personal questions: the harmless, icebreaking ones that you expect just about every new acquaintance to ask. He also gives the (correct) impression of being extremely intelligent and competent whilst lacking a single hint of arrogance (he is very modest) – therefore making others feel like they cannot say anything the least bit inaccurate because he WILL pick up on it, and quite possibly seize it by the collar and prod you with it until you squirm and squeal.
    • Does not wear his heart on his sleeve. He has many things hidden away. I believe that he is extremely deep, and that he does not truly open up to people easily. And impossible to read! When he’s leading strangers around, he almost puts on a personality (it’s more like an artificial extension of it in a particular direction) that makes him look professionally perfect.
    • Exquisitely sensitive. He picks up on people’s moods and
      personalities cat-whisker fashion.
    • Does not judge people immediately. Gives people several chances if he finds that he dislikes them initially.
    • Cares very little for trendy clothes. Wears what’s comfortable. Has had same coat for years.
    • Is no life of the party – complete wallflower!
    • Is both a doer and a thinker. First he thinks. And then he says something decisive. And then he DOES what he plans to do. No hesitation, no beating about the bush. Does not panic when things go wrong, and never wastes any time crying over spilt milk.
    • Elusive. Disappears without telling anyone where he’s going most of the time.
    • Crazy insomniac workaholic. I love his motivation and enthusiasm, but he looks after himself very badly. Rarely has breakfast, skips lunch regularly because of “lack of time”, works 12 hours a day and sleeps very little. He would come into work the day after an operation – on nuclear-strength painkillers, visibly in pain, proclaiming that he is “fine”.
    • Opposite of poker-face. Stuff shows on his face very clearly, which makes it quite funny when he keeps saying he’s fine when he’s obviously stressed out of his mind. Blushes very easily.
    • Extremely intuitive in his approach to work (lab-based). Lax about rules and regulations, is not stuffy about authority.
    • Ready to ARGUE about certain issues and topics!
    • Sporty, not musical (enjoys listening)
    • Says a lot of “did you know that...?” followed by very interesting facts. Doesn’t talk about himself.
    • Kind and generous. Got me tea without me asking, paid for my food multiple times. But he does not make known his acts of kindness. They are silent but they are sweet and generous. He even went so far as to lie to make it less obvious!
    • Non-communicative, gives mixed signals (one day very happy to see you, smiles like he cares, listens attentively... next day doesn’t even look at you, with NO explanation). Nor does he doesn’t tell you the SIMPLEST things, like “I’m really busy this week, I cannot supervise you at all or “I won’t be here tomorrow”.
    • This is not so much an observation as a hunch: I sense a dark side. I sense it being extremely unpleasant. I do not ever want to see it.

    He really is the loveliest, kindest, strangest, weirdest, most adorable person I have ever met.

    I got as far as thinking he was an INxx but... no further, and I could be wrong!

    Any ideas? Please tell me your reasoning too – that’s the bit I’m most interested in!

    I hope he NEVER finds this...
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