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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    He actually sounds similar to me when I'm depressed, except a lot more rebellious, blunt, insensitive, and lacking in self-consciousness.

    I'd say INTx.
    What exactly do you relate to? He very well may be depressed.

    People often say how unreliable similarminds is, what would you recommend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnePiece View Post
    He's a very private person, a recluse. He practically never leaves his room, let alone his house. He always tells me he does so because he hates people. He has about two friends other than myself, we've all known him for years. He's has difficulty making new friends.

    I remember a time When he actually comes outside in order to pay a visit (my house is a block away from his), he told he feels very anxious when outside, always on the look out for danger. It's obvious to me he's very uncomfortable in social situations. Pretty sure he has some kind of anxiety disorder.

    He's very, very messy. His spaces are always in disarray - cans, papers, books, games, you name it, are on the floor. His hair is always unkempt, showing completely no regard for his appearance. He says sitting in barber shop is nerve wrecking experience, but it's mainly because of his lazy nature he avoids getting one.

    He's constantly asking questions, "why?", "what do you mean?", etc. He asks very obvious questions from time to time, but he says he only does so for confirmation. "I can assume what you mean by going with the most probable meaning, but my assumption can also be wrong."

    Very blunt, almost to the point of being unnecessarily cold, so far as claiming honesty is his greatest value. I always say he should be more tactful and considerate of otherís feelings Ö He doesn't believe in pretense and just says what's on his mind, often mocking others for their supposed stupidity.

    He's usually a pretty calm, easy going guy, but when criticized, he can be a bit touchy. He doesn't sulk, he gets anger, and you can hear it in his voice. He says he only does to when the critic is blatantly doing so to get underneath his skin. He goes to possibly extreme lengths to embarrass and show how stupid this person actually is. He typically just dismisses people's opinions, so it's really odd.

    When I was telling him about my problems with my girlfriend, before I finished talking, he told suddenly told me to stop. He asked me, "What can I possibly say to this? She obviously isn't a big fan of logic, so an illogical solution is the your best option ..." Then he went on about about how possibly murdering her dog and sending chain letters to her house could solve all our issues. He's not really someone you go to for emotional support ..

    Always calling me up to share one of his crackpot ideas and to play board games, this is probably one of rare occasions he displays any kind of enthusiasm.

    He has a bit of dark sense of humor, but I'm really just trying to type anything I could do think of. I'm not sure if it's because of the people he's associating himself with (he calls them acquaintances), but he's very anti-authority. Walking out of school during lunch, skipping classes, running away from security guards, questioning and sarcastically insulting authority figures. He's a bit of a delinquent, I suppose. But typically he's the quiet guy in the back of class either sleeping or spacing the fuck out.
    Basically, I don't hate people, don't say gross things, and don't stand up to authority. I have a tendency to worry about hurting people's feelings to such an extent that I stick to stock phrases and keep them at arm's length so that I won't offend them. I actually have no friends, but several acquaintances that I only talk about things like school or work with, never really dealing with them or getting involved in their lives. Those are the main differences. I do feel a little anxious outside in a wide-open space, but it's the outdoor environment that makes me nervous, not people (inferior Se over inferior Fe).

    I wouldn't be messy if I had friends to show my place to (I'd clean up before they came over), but since I don't, I find myself not caring enough to clean it, or even myself at times.

    Quote Originally Posted by OnePiece View Post
    What exactly do you relate to? He very well may be depressed.

    People often say how unreliable similarminds is, what would you recommend?
    Similarminds is actually pretty good, IMO, but I've heard this one is better:

    The Gray-Wheelwright-Winer 4-letter Type Indicator Test

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