He reads constantly, his communication skills are good, he is able to detect inconsistencies and errors in the delivery of both grammar and presentation of fact quickly. He despises stupid, careless or superficial statements and is kind of hard on those that don't have their facts straight or have their head's in the clouds. However, his emotions tend to dictate his decisions more often than not. He"bleeds" for humanity and rarely will passes up the chance to spare a few bucks for a homeless person begging. He is concerned with worldly affairs and becomes passionate if they come up in conversation.

When drunk(this happens a lot), he raves about the ignorance of mankind and if you do something dumb, or worse, give the impression you are attacking him he will become violent and angry as if possessed by a demon. He will rant that he thinks he is better than everyone else and that he would do it(drink and become abusive)again with no problem. He also becomes very emotionally abusive, calling you every name in the book and always lambasts some quality about you he doesn't like(you're fake, your're a coward, you're a snob,you're an idiot) After episodes like these he usually cries til he falls asleep and then apologizes profusely later on. He usually ends up pissing people off either because he is able to trounce them in their topic of discussion, is percieved to be gay or because he just ends up rubbing others the wrong way. In spite of all this, he claims that he is a peaceful person and just wants to be loved.

His dress sense is sloppy and usually consists of dark jeans, boots and an old tshirt. He is clutzy and his posture(especially in public)is stooped, his
expression nervous and shy, as if he is ready to be victimized. His eyes are troubled looking and soulful. Depending on his comfort level, his speech pattern ranges from lisping, tense and effeminate to easygoing and kind of goofy, boyish. He is pretty confident and friendly in his dealings with others, but does not have that many friends and spends more time at home than out with friends. When he does go to parties it seems like he always feels a little alone in the crowd, although he seems to want to connect with others and have meaningful conversation very much.

Sometimes he gets very giddy when we doing activities together with someone (learning languages, reading, gardening ,cooking, etc. He is also a former dungeons and dragons/gamer nerd and punk rocker kid. He is very artistically inclined, although more so in an appreciative sense. He is fond of puns and wordplay, likes strategy games but isn't great at them. Also, he is not that concerned with meeting deadlines or finishing projects. However, he is concerned with doing a good job and can be a bit hard on himself if he does not meet his own standards. He is also pretty messy.

(By the way, I am only a witness to the extent of his abusive behavior, not the recipient.) Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!