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    I've been torn between nine and four as well in the past, but the deciding factor for me is how close I am to a five- I test pretty much even on 4 and 5, with 9 coming in 3rd. Not only that, I don't relate to the 8 or the 1 AT ALL.

    I can be the peacemaker for stretches at a time, but I always assert my individuality in the process, and I am so greedy with my time like a 5. My needs typically come before those of others. I try to be selfless but my first thought is always how something will affect me. Not to mention, I like a good argument.

    You sound more like a 4w5 to me. I think our hesitancy to express ourselves has more to do with that intellectual side of us expecting perfect results for our efforts. When we don't think that's possible we hold off.

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    BlackCat states --'' I personally am a 9w8 and I can't relate to 4's at all on this forum or that I know in real life, the two types are very different.''
    Just so people can appreciate the differences within a type-- I too identify as a 9w8 (with a strong one wing to boot), and I am the child of 4w5, have a brother who is a 5w4 and am married to a 4w3. Trust me I can relate to a 4, and most people who are Nines are usually gifted at relating well with the other types. In fact having read a few of your postings BlackCat I see you as more of a 6w5 or an 8w9.

    If you are reading this BlackCat, I suspect your immediate reaction to my saying this, might just be indicative of your type.

    People should realize that taking one or two tests is less important than self-recognition in the descriptions of the dynamics of the different personality types. Facing your enneagram type also means confronting your fears and less savory side.

    I am not quite sure why, but the notion many people have about being an artist, and in a way for someone to mistake themselves about their nature, brings up a story I heard recently.
    There was a young man who loved music, and had played and practiced the violin from a very young age. One day he crossed the path of a famous conductor. Seeking his chance to find out how good he was and wanting to get the older man's approval, the young violinist asked for the chance to be heard. The older man smiled and agreed.
    The young violinist fueled by excitement and nerves and wanting to impress, started to play a difficult piece he had been practising. He played steadily and cautiously, and made very few mistakes. After he finished he put down his bow and looking up at the conductor asked him if he thought he could one day be a great musician.
    The man looked at the boy and answered honestly, you play very well and show promise but I didn't hear any fire or passion. Maybe you should consider if your passion doesn't lie elsewhere. With that I must go. I wish you the best in your career.

    The boy hearing this was crushed and thereafter gave up on his dream of being a musician.

    Many years later the man had occasion to run into conductor again now into his 80's who did not remember their meeting before. Now in his mid 30's the former aspiring violinist thanked the old man for so wisely steering him away from a career in music. Instead he had gone into advertising and though it was soulless for him, he made a lot of money and was able to support his family well and take great vacations. He said he didn't think he would be living as well if he had tried to be a professional musician, and that it was all thanks to the conductors frankness about his talent.
    The now former conductor looked at him quizzically, and said well I am happy for you but I don't remember telling you anything different than what I told any aspiring musician who asked. I always found that those who have the real passion to be true to themselves find a way to ignore my words.

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    According to BlackCat's post I seem very 4w3 ^^
    "In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present." -Francis Bacon

    "No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible." -George Chakiris

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