How does one tell the difference between a socialy anxious, hypersensitive extravert who's grown up in a family of major introverts (aka grew up not used to people when friends weren't about), and was rejected by LIFE from a very young age, from an introvert?

Is it posibly to get extraverts so sensitive they require a minimal amount of contact with people, but can burn out when pretty isolated? Burt out after x number of hours or days with people, burn out after x number of days/weeks without people.

Or is that just your regular human being who requires at least a little connection?

My college timetable is killing me, I see friends pretty much one day a week, for about half an hour (the workload is kinda intense at the moment, and for a veriety of reasons my weekends get full up). I get exhausted when I do see them half the time, but I'm exhausted if I don't at all.

And my msn broke *sniffle*