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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruthie View Post
    It was more the overall personality type than the functions. I've tried in the past to look function by function, and I ended up with something that would have been totally unrecognizable to anyone who knew me and the complete opposite of the way I actually behave.

    I don't think I'm an NF because I don't act like an NF. I recognize there's plenty of room for differentiation, but at some point it gets a bit ridiculous. Same with the P/J switch: have a theoretical conversation with me, and I seem like a J, but in reality, I'm laid back and bad with follow-through. I could bend it and twist it and use the reasoning that INFJs can seem like Ps, but again, I wind up justifying myself out of existence. E/I? Yeah, I like to be alone a lot, but I can't deny that I'm the person in the group who ALWAYS has a story to tell. I'm constantly chastising myself for talking too much. That's why I'm taking a different approach - trying to see which personality type as a whole fits and then looking through the functions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruthie View Post
    Thanks for the feedback. I took an honest look at entp, and I think I have to reject it. It's the NT thing... it just doesn't fit me. I'm feeling more comfortable seeing myself as an estp though, so I think I'll go with that for now. Hope it wears well.
    If you can't relate to ENTP at all, you're probably not an ENTP, though I could be wrong there because there is a difference in dominant function, and you'd expect that different to be... well, dominant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruthie View Post
    The facts:

    -I talk too much
    -I love to joke around
    -I like sports (both playing and watching)
    -I'm usually the leader in most groups, but kind of a slacker leader
    -People often follow my ideas
    -I am pretty bad with follow-through
    -I'm good with presentations
    -People have told me I can seem cold (I'm not much of a toucher)
    -I love games
    -I'm not that comfortable dealing with emotions
    -I have an excellent memory - especially for dates
    -I don't effervesce
    -I'm impatient
    -I'm pretty grounded


    -I withdraw a lot; like a lot of alone time
    -I have a nostalgia streak, and I'm not usually comfortable with change
    -I'm extremely loyal
    -I'm usually better with summaries than with details
    -I'm often oblivious to my environment (barely notice new buildings in my neighborhood)
    -I can be very structured in some ways and don't like it when something interrupts my routines
    -I'm uncomfortable approaching new people
    -I'm something of a daydreamer myself
    ESTP seems like a fit to me. As for liking summary over details, I find ESTPs are big on stuff like bullet points. Is your preference possibly due to impatience with theory? Do you want to get to the point fast so you can make practical application? I'm just pointing out that the motivation for certain behavior and context/circumstance can clarify S/N sometimes.

    Most of your "BUT" list sounds SJ over NF, IMO, and some of it just sounds like social anxiety and being human (we all need alone time).
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