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Thread: INTP/INFP?

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    You sound so much like me too (also minus the suicide fixation). Sounds like natural preference for Ti, but with Feeling that comes up from stress, apparently.
    INTP and INFP are similar, because of the INP, so if they have strong F and T together, they sort of blend together. But the ultimate normal preference is what decides the type.
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    So, I'm totally new here, but this post caught my eye because I used to have this same struggle myself. And for virtually the exact same reasons. But if you read more about INTP's, it really makes perfect sense. Because Feeling is the least developed function in an INTP, it tends to be all-or-nothing... consistent with a neurotic/depressed/mentally unstable tendency. I strongly recommend you read this webpage, in particular the section titled "Inferior Function: Extraverted Feeling." An INTP Profile This has helped me tremendously in understanding my own difficulty with emotions.

    Some of the more salient points (for me at least) include: "It is interesting to observe that the external world of the INTP involves a very free-spirited Ne-Fe partnership, while the internal world is a very clinical detail-structure-analysis Ti-Si combination. Hence, the outward behaviour of an INTP can contrast strongly with his introspective world."

    "The mystery of emotion is also evidence in the INTP's use of music. He always chooses to listen to music which suits his current emotional state, be it aggression, warmth, excitement, relaxation or whatever. Hence, the emotional state is assumed to be an unchangeable, mysterious property of himself. It is easier to choose appropriate music than to attempt to influence this."

    "The feeling shadow is the fear centre of the INTP. He rarely fears any factual thing in the outside world, at least not things that will be encountered in normal day-to-day living... the greatest fears of an INTP are usually ideas generated within his own mind."

    So it makes complete sense that an INTP would become suicidal--it's all in your head! As an INTP, I am in a constant state of logical analysis--but emotions do not yield well to logical analysis, at least not when you are the person feeling them.

    Also, not sure if you are male or female, but I am a female, and I think this has something to do with my emotional struggle. I actually came across this website in searching for "female INTP" because I think the gender factor is very relevant. Females are generally more emotional than males, be it due to biology, evolution, culture, or any combination of factors. Either way, society is structured in such a way that a female is expected, if not required, to be more emotionally in-tune. Thus, for a female INTP, the deficiency of the feeling function simply has more repercussions than for the male INTP counterpart.

    And so, after years of wrestling with the INTP/INFP dilemma, I have concluded that I am in fact a classic example of an INTP. It sounds like you are too.
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