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    Quote Originally Posted by princessleia1982 View Post
    zany charm, storytellers, lots of PDA, silly switch, hasty, neglects old friends for new ones, doesn't follow through
    Robin Williams

    childlike wonder, sees good in all, translate technical jargon into layman's terms, imaginary friends, wants ethical perfection, laziest of all the types
    The Neverending Story (Sebastian)

    teachers, pedagogues of humanity, make dreams come true, love others with actions, manipulative power, answer every interruption, martyr mentality

    poetic justice, prophetic, counselor, inner vision, detached sardonic eye when thinking, 'SP' wannabe, stuck in dream world

    supervisors, rule enforcers, offers and accepts service from others and to others, tough, humorous, joiners, regulate what's normal, hates laziness

    inspectors, devoted to duty, punctual, tough, emotion=energy loss, tactless, upset if you violate time honored traditions

    rescuer, mothering, caretakers, protectors, liberal gift givers, enjoy being in charge, hyper vigilant, stern then unexpectedly merciful, vexed when bad situations happen to them, hard time letting go after a breakup or death of a lover

    loyal, give more than they take, would leave if person they are loyal to got fired, family oriented, doormats, possessive, can't delegate, low profile, very conventional
    Jerry McGuire movie

    clever, bond suddenly, sense of humor, tackle challenges, love to argue and play devil's advocate, not patient with dumb people
    The Shape of Things

    precise, loves complex systems, logical, detailed, corrects others especially with grammer, second guesses themselves, afraid of failure

    the general in a war, decisive delegators, charming, great salesmen, icy gaze, argumentative, insensitive, melodramatic

    self confident, pragmatic, system builders, direct, work hard at their relationships, appear arrogant, perfectionists, anti-authority, intuition is so strong and good at determining needs and wants that feeling is not needed, awkward in love relationships
    A Beautiful Mind movie

    thrill seekers, competitive, conquerers, constant activity companions, impulsive, classic 'SP' rage, admission of weakness means failure, tough emotionally

    performers, masters of the one liner, humorous, usually vocational hobbies like mechanics, thick skinned, classic 'SP' rage, anti-authority, rigid, inflexible, need personal space, dormant then active in a frenzy for what seems like no reason

    entertainers, party animals, storytellers, witty, classic 'SP' rage, spiderweb talk that is confusing like an old man with Alzheimer's, new replaces the old, constant activity companions, too talkative, usually dumb
    Big Fish the movie

    trendsetters, hit and run compliments, charming, takes risks, lives out their dreams, classic 'SP' rage, will cut and run if feels dead inside, detached, aloof, conceals feelings, hates school but smart when it comes to experiential learning
    I like these descriptions.
    "In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present." -Francis Bacon

    "No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible." -George Chakiris

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    Quote Originally Posted by aphrodite-gone-awry View Post
    i have a hard time typing people close to me. my best friend has taken different online test several times, with differing results. she has come up as infj, isfj, enfp. i KNOW she is an F P, but other than that, i'm not sure. i'm pretty sure she isn't enfp, because i know one and she isn't like that. i think she's esfp. she's pretty introverted anymore, but she used to be the kind of person who would carry on lengthy convos with the check-out people and anyone else. she's pretty stressed with a sick husband and working full-time, plus having 3 kids, so i'm wondering if she's just acting like an introvert because she's maxed out. she doesn't fit the isfp description too much.

    she tests 'n' but she seems so concrete to me. she loves to go to music in the park on a whim, loves to go to live music period. loves to do anything exciting. loves to drink. kinda selfish in some ways in that she puts her fun over her family sometimes, but not in an unhealthy way.

    i've searched for 'esfp' threads so i wouldn't be redundant, but can't really find any. if you guys can fire off some quick characteristics of esfp women that stand out for you, i'd appreciate it. and i'll go from there.

    i recently discovered i know several enfps and personality wise...we're not that similar not in the way most people actually see if that makes sense but i think we're fun seekers to do things on a whim...adventurous and spontaneous...which could be percieved by some as a negative trait in a parent...depends on who's looking...i as an enfp loved that about my enfp father though.

    but in any case she sounds exfp from your description.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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