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    Default Unsure of my Enneagram

    For the longest time, I've thought I was 5w6. However, I've taken a few Enneagram tests tonight, all of them scoring me as a 1, usually with a 9 wing. (and, interestingly enough, with a decent possibility of being a 6. Of course, the 6 score was always less than half of the 1 score)

    Would someone well-versed in enneagram care to enlighten me as to the key differences between 1s and 5s, especially given my potential wings? Assistance in this area would be appreciated. Perhaps I was in a "mood" that skewed the results?
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    Typically, 1s are trying to influence their world, and thus are more engaged in it -- even introverts. The 1 is focused on improving, teaching, perfecting themselves and others. The 5 is observing the world, from a detached vantage. The 5 is (often) protecting him/herself from being influenced or affected by the world.

    imo, the enneagram tests are highly inaccurate. I'd recommend reading the types and seeing what resonates with you. 5s rarely mistype themselves.

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    Ask Magic Poriferan.

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    You seem like a Type 5 to me.

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