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Thread: Type this guy?

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    Default Type this guy?

    I don't know how helpful any of this information is, however I will just put down everything I know about him.

    He is VERY intelligent and VERY driven. He is interested in being a big time business man. He is extremely good at math [as in, took AP calculus as a sophomore in highschool] and seems to enjoy it. He is not as strong in creative writing. He is also a brilliant piano player and teaches people [me, specifically- he's my age] piano. When he teaches he seems very task oriented. He doesn't forbid talking, but he doesn't initiate much chit-chat during the lesson. He has a good vocabulary that he uses, but he isn't obnoxiously wordy. He isn't afraid to be critical of some things, but he isn't harsh at all when I make mistakes. If the student doesn't understand, he assumes that it's his teaching, and won't try to teach it again until he "learns how to teach it."

    Some say he seems shy, but when he talks he seems very mature and well-spoken. He is not chatty, although he may be moreso in different situations. He seems to have a lot of friends. While our parents talk, he'll speak if spoken to, but mainly listens or pets his dog.

    He is sensitive to things most people his age wouldn't be. For example, there was a wine glass left on the table and he took the liberty of putting it away. He noticed when my mom had a bandage on her hand and asked about it.

    One day when he was in off mood, he became very aloof. As in, no chit-chat at all except for a couple polite sentences, and he disappeared immedietely afterwards, when we normally talk.

    He spent a great deal of time compiling a list of 25 greatest rock albums of all time, and under each had a couple sentences explaining why. He prefers classic rock. The TV shows he likes are: The Office, Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier, House, How I met Your mother, New adventures of old christine. He loves sports.

    He seems to have a good, intelligent sense of humor. He has a somewhat nerdy sort of dress.

    My mom says that he stares at me 'intensely' when I'm not looking. He may have a crush on me, but gives absolutely no direct sign of it!

    I'm guessing he is an I?TJ?

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    IXTX. I really want to say IXTJ, but I dunno.
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    INTJ maybe. Staring at you intensely when you're not looking? Tell him to take a photo, it'll last longer.

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    Some of that seems really Si to me, I'm not so sure about Fe/Te here though, It seems more Fe like to me, taking care of yours and other people's feelings... correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that Fe? He definitely seems like an ISFJ too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by King-Of-Despair View Post
    seems more Fe like to me, taking care of yours and other people's feelings... correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that Fe?
    But from the OP's description, I don't see any taking care of others' feelings with this guy. Seems ISTJ.

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    INTJ. Compiling a "25 greatest rock albums of all time" list seems like a Ni thing. Ni people I know just love that stuff.
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