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Are you a guy or a gal?
guy, see, some ENTP wimmin complain that they come across as to masculine, I don't come off as masculine at all

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I voted for ENTP, because I really thought you're F when you started posted on INTPcentral, and here in the beginning, you had F vibe.. but again, it could be because of being young insecure and whatnot. You definately are not INTP, INFP also yust doubt it. But you know the best... where is it your F coming from... and introversion.
Being private doesnt have so much to do with extroversion, I think. you could be private extrovert. i'm one. it has nothing to do with E, more with trust to people, your beliefs. Fi is private.

you are yust too lively for an INFP. maybe if not ENTP, then ENFP... :/
Well, I was thinking and reflecting upon my seclusion from mankind, I appeared to show a great many introverted traits. Around people, I tend to go more off the wall, and it builds up upon itself... Pretty sure thats the definition of an Extrovert, I need more outside influence, to take action more, or I'll loose motivation.... which I totally lost for a while...

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The ENTP vote has now passed the otter vote.

Can an otter derail threads as good as an ENTP? Anyways, you are highly...excitable. I stand by ENTP.
I reckon an Otter would, provided that they can bite through the rails hard enough without getting mashed up.

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damned entps.
I'm here to suck your blood! *bares teeth*

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He has a strong desire/motive to make a solid judgment about his preferences. Concrete, if you will.

KOD....throw all of your shit all over your living quarters and leave it there for a week then, decide how you feel about it
ummm.... well, my living quarters have shit thrown all over the place for months at a time, the only time I ever clean up is when I judge that I'm going to get yelled at... and even then, I tend to procrastinate the hell out of it and get yelled at anyway. I do have a perfectionist urge sometimes, but it's quite rare, it only happens when I'm stressed or upset I think.

I'm totally not an ENFJ... or a J or an S for that matter, although I have been able to act like an Se kind of user a bit... I haven't ever really had the same style of thinking.

Damn, If that vote changes, do I need to change back from otter?