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    Quote Originally Posted by Elaur View Post
    I think that many S's feel they need to change to N after reading this forum for a while.

    I know a few esfp's and the big difference I see is that I talk motivations to death, whereas the esfp's I know don't get that. One of my esfp friends really identified with the enfp information, we are similar and that makes it hard.
    True. I think ESFP is a pretty misunderstood type that's often misrepresented as overly stupid/ditzy in the media, while ENFPs are usually bright and successful (interesting ESFP/ENFP TV character dichotomy: Homer Simpson/Peter Griffin.)

    Anyway ENFPs are much better at brainstorming and open to all kinds of abstract off-topic wanderings in the name of expanding abstract perspectives. As such they're typically much more open to MBTI type thought experiment systems.

    ESFPs become impatient with things with no clear practical value much more quickly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffster
    --stuff about theatrics and ESFP vs. ENFP--
    I see what you mean, and ESFPs usually are very natural entertainers--but more in a stand-up comedy way than a dramatic monologue way, see what I mean? (Think Paul McCartney vs. John Lennon for S vs. N style entertainers. Ns write a lot more meta-critique of the self and bigger ideals, whereas S songs are mostly about fairly concrete feelings, events and people.)

    I think dramatic monologues are more ENFP.

    I might mention, by the way, that Paul is my favorite Beatle because his songwriting was pretty much on par with John's, AND he was easily the most talented performer in the group. (Plus his Fi would occasionally produce an absolutely crushing gem like "Eleanor Rigby" or "Yesterday", both of which have melodies that kill me every time I hear them.) I think John gets way too much credit because of his social activism/political smartassery, but Paul never tried to abuse his fame to influence politics or push some kind of agenda and I think there's something really respectable about that.
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    Wow, this is really strange. The last girl in my life was an ESFP with ENFP tendencies. She can be really intuitive, predicting the future very accurately sometimes. She is also incredibly intelligent. She was a classic SP. Very in the moment, optimistic, always smiling...She was an "Extra Special Friendly Person" for sure. She hated getting up in the morning (I do too). Had more friends than I could count, loved hosting parties and doing funny things to make people laugh. I think she had intuitive tendencies, though, which is perhaps why we bonded (especially since I'm usually only intuitive about things I care about).

    I think ESFPs and ESTPs can be good romantic matches with INFJs, because, for me at least, I can be overly-intense and conscientious. I take responsibility for pretty much everything in my life and am always worrying about tomorrow's demands. These types tend to not be that way, and I find that relieving! They are fun and easy-going. They're also good at getting me to have fun and come out of my shell. Classic type B personalities usually, I'd bet. ESFPs accept everyone as their friends and that's awesome. I've read ESTPs and INFJs are one of the few complete opposite types that can make a good match with considerable consistency. If that's the case, it makes sense that an ESFP would work too, because they have the feeling preference in common. Jeez, combining all of this with ENFPs and ENTPs (not to mention INFPs, ENFJs and other INFJs) and it makes it look like I have prospects all over the place! LOL ....But it's not that simple unfortunately.

    I wish I could live in the moment more, I try to...But my problem is time goes by too quickly. The present keeps changing into the future and it's overwhelming. By the time I feel capable of enjoying the moment, it's already another moment. That drives me crazy! LOL. So I guess I can't really enjoy the moment, except maybe on rare occasions, and when I really do, I often don't realize how much I enjoyed the moment until after the fact. That kind of defeats the purpose! If I am enjoying the moment, I start to get depressed because I know it's going to end, and I am not good with change and transition in my life.

    But yeah, congrats on finding your type identity, it's really helpful to know those things...It's common to have some switching around...I've scored as INFP, ESTP, ISFJ, ISFP and ENFJ before. But overall, I'm not any of those types. But if I was another type, it would probably be one of those.
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