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    Default Is my brother ENFP or INFP?

    He is very close to my mother and they have a special connection and complete understanding of each other. They are like twins. My mom is an INFP. When my brother took the test he got ENFP but by only one answer. He loves to talk but he was always really shy growing up. He'll go on and on about video games forever. He likes to tell me an endless number of stories about his friends. I don't really see him interact with strangers. One of my friends helped me move in along with my brother and mom and my brother had no problems talking to him endlessly about video games that my friend had never even heard about. By the way, my brother is 15. Anyway, he mostly likes to draw dragons. He's a child prodigy at art and he has a giant chest full of intricately detailed drawings of dragons. I'm talking thousands of scales drawn by hand and everything. He is very comfortable spending lots of time alone doing that or watching harry potter or LOTR or playing a video game. He HATES homework and chores. He likes to show people things. Like little treasures he found or his homework, anything. He's extremely sensitive. Cries at the drop of a hat. He does whatever he is told and he was always an angel. He's never gotten in trouble in his entire life. He doesn't have that ENFP salesman thing. I don't think he'd have a clue as to how to manipulate people. He's extremely loyal to the people he is close to. He is kind and trusts everyone. He's the most caring child in the entire world. He doesn't have a selfish bone in his body.
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    He could just be a mild extrovert. I read somewhere that introverts scale from 0-50 in introversion, extroverts 50 and above in extroversion. Extroverts closer to the 50 (mid) range could have a tendency to be more introverted/withdrawn/shy. Is the the salesman's attitude a trait found often in ENFP's? I actually thought that was more common amongst ESTP's??. Or maybe I just can't relate to that .

    Karen, he's still young and growing only time will tell how he evolves as a person. Sounds like a great kid though .
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    Hard to say....could be an ENFP who was shy as a child and outgrew it, or an INFP with pretty good social skills. I'm leaning towards INFP, as it sounds like he has a preference for alone time.
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    The focus that he has on his favorite things (video games/dragons) says introverted to me. An extrovert would have more trouble focusing on the details involved in the art, and the finer points of the video games, they can tend to talk about them in much more depth. It shouldn't be particularly hard to tell if he's E/I as a younger one. The dominant function should be more obvious at that age right?
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