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    Default Type my teacher

    I had a teacher last semester for public speaking, and I just could not figure the guy out. All semester long I kept trying to decide if I liked him. Some days I did, and some days I didn't. I will give some information about him below. What type do you think he is?

    -Walks around the mall talking to random people while his wife shops. Thinks everybody should do this all the time. (Definitely an EXTROVERT!)

    -Admits he'll lie to people to create a perception and get a reaction. (Probably one of the biggest reasons I had trouble getting familiar with who he was.)

    -Enjoys using the shock factor.

    -Very big on community volunteering, and makes you feel like a fool if you're not involved in any current volunteer projects. However, any time I mention a quote from Ghandi or anything with a "save the world and let's all love each other" vibe, he stares at me like I have three heads.

    -Believes you should give everybody the benefit of the doubt, but if they prove they can't be trusted or they're out to get you, "squash 'em like a bug."

    -Gave up his chance at a pro ball career to get a college education. Very proud of his college educated wife and children.

    -Says his favorite thing about teaching college is that you're guaranteed everything will change and be new every 16 weeks or so.

    -Has no patience for anybody who defines him/herself in terms of family. Wants to know the individual's interests and goals.

    -Usually doesn't wait to get complete information before reprimanding you in front of the class. Comes across like he expects students to be lazy, stupid, and generally thoughtless in their lives and actions. Demands they change before even knowing if they do indeed think and work hard.

    -Thinks textbook information about how to avoid nervousness in public speaking is useless. "You just have to get up there and do it."

    -The cheesiest speech I did in the entire class, where I introduced myself with a giant target taped to my forehead, was the one he graded the best. Supposedly it "grabbed" my audience's attention.

    -All his quiz/exam questions are kind of "trick" questions, but he insists if you read the book, the answers are there.

    -Doesn't really give any slack, even if you're expecting an emergency call in the middle of class and you let him know ahead of time.

    -Tends to give the best grades to speeches with practical application, but even if they're interesting and informative, he tears them apart if he doesn't think they're useful to a college audience.

    -I don't think he gave anybody an A the entire semester. Even people who worked their tails off and did a really good job.

    -He's very proud of himself and his ability to run the class and give great speeches. He comes across like he's the know all, end all and everyone else is inexperienced and stupid, even if they're not.

    -Uses up every single minute of class time, and refuses to let anybody go early unless they can bargain and negotiate in a way that he finds acceptable and persuasive.

    -Won't agree to go anywhere on vacation at his wife's suggestion unless she can lay out the reasons why it would be a good idea and he should do it.

    -Started his own non-profit conflict resolution center to help people negotiate matters outside of court. Also, helps appoint legal advocates for youth.

    -Locks the door the second the class is supposed to start, and sits in the classroom ignoring students who knock at the door, even if they're two minutes late. (He allows students in the class to open the door.)

    -Says he is not an "expert" in his field, and names Charles Bukowski as someone he'd consider an expert public speaker.

    -Celebrity he'd most like to meet - Roy Rogers

    -Favorite band - Black Sabbath

    What do you think? ESTJ? I'm not really sure at all.
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    ESTJ? I'm not sure.

    *edit* Oh, you wrote that at the end. >.< Well, he sounds sort of ESTJ to me too, but it's just my opinion. :/

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    Yeah, I would say ESTJ fits.

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