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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunco View Post
    I think this guy nailed it. I agree with absolutely everything in the OP, and yet I've also gotten stuck as an ISTJ on every MBTI test I've taken since I was 13 years old.
    What's interesting is that, as a child and young teenager, I was the stereotypical ISTJ and hated it. I saw the personality type as boring and completely lacking in free thought the ability to have any social skills at all. As a result, I began to completely rework the way I viewed the world, particularly in the I and J areas. Now, given enough energy and the right environment, I am able to see the world from other perspectives. I can force myself to draw energy from being around large groups of people similarly to an E and I almost always act as a P would simply because I find it to be a more interesting lifestyle than my natural J.

    My point is that your MBTI profile isn't the definite you. Personal decisions and experiences can influence your personality and worldview immensely.
    Yeah, very true. I'm a big believer in the idea that your environment affects your personality. Because that's definitely the case with me. Throw me in a group with more J's, and I'm likely to act more Jish. Throw me in a group with P's, and I'll act more Pish. I've gotten ISTJ, ISTP, and a whole bunch of other results (mainly ISTJ and ISTP) from tests. Heck, I think I've gotten more ISTX results than anything else besides these two. And yeah, I relate to everything Beat said (except just one of the points).

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    The MBTI test is unreliable and too many 'supporters' don't let others in on this fact. If it really doesn't seem to fit you, then the test was not successful in typing you. Use this one!

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