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    Yeah, I would think ISTJs would be the MOST likely to examine rules to make sure they were sensible.

    And btw Beat, Athenian already DID link you to the thread. Just click on the little blue arrow next to your name in the quote.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beat View Post
    Oh my goodness, touche. Even seeing that, I have no recollection of making that, or ever having tested INFJ at any point. I'm actually confused right now... What's with the hostile undertones I'm sensing though, Athenian? Am I doing something wrong in my probing of this?

    Can you link me to the thread where you took that quote from, please? Looking at the link in that quote, it's one of those read the descriptions and choose your letter type deals. Aren't we SJs notorious for lacking self-awareness? Maybe that's how I botched that one up so badly in the beginning...
    Oh, I didn't mean anything hostile. Sometimes I just come across badly. No, you're not doing anything wrong. I was just mildly annoyed/surprised that you didn't remember.

    I mean, it's kind of an SJ's job to remember and keep track of little things like that. It takes me a long time to sift though my memories and get them all sorted out, because I don't typically keep them organized like SJs do.

    DisneyGeek already linked you, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sytpg View Post
    Could you give me an example?
    I run three companies succesfully. Not by being a lazy INTP. And I have no problems while doing so, nor do I suffer from stress or any of the sorts. I can use my dominant T to make a conscious choice to be something I find important in my life without needing to worry about burning myself out.

    Most notably is the bridge between P and J and I and E. As far as the NT bit goes, I'm pretty stuck there. :P
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    But Beat, aren't both your parents INFJ? Doesn't it make perfect typological sense that an ISTJ raised by two INFJs would not be a prototypical ISTJ?
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    ^That does make some sense. However, I wouldn't say the oddities are traits that I share with my parents.

    Athenian - I can have a strong memory, it's just rather selective.

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    Agree with Elaur - I can't stand "stupid" rules. If there doesn't seem a point to them then I'll rebel against them noticeably! If I can see the point then it's a different matter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beat View Post
    I consistently test ISTJ, trying to be as honest as I can on any given test (including one like 10 minutes ago). I've tested a dozen times and it's always ISTJ.

    *I dislike conformity. It bothers me.
    *I hate stupid rules
    *I'm irritated by people who follow and enforce stupid rules and that think everyone should be/act a certain way
    *I can be pretty lazy and un-dutiful. If I can't see a direct, positive result in completing a given task, I probably won't do it or I'll slack at it - meaning, I don't preoccupy myself with work and busyness just for the sake of being busy.
    *I'm not a clean-freak... But I'm not a pig.
    *I'm not overly concerned about upholding traditions or at least to the 'T', in fact, a lot of the time, I think it's a little cheesy.
    *I don't use spreadsheets, or a day-timer, or really notes at all for that matter.

    What am I? Just a fucked up ISTJ?
    I'm also pretty lazy; but then when I get into the work I'll work hard and until it's done. Does that ring true? Procrastinatory is the word.
    I'm with you on not wanting to complete tasks I see as unnecessary... which brings me on to my dislike of clean freaks! I think that's more an ESTJ thing. I can't see the point in endlessly cleaning when there are better things to do.
    I'll also accept people for who they are, like a true individualist. I don't try to change people, unless they actually need help (like my druggy brother, who no-one else seems to give a sh** about). The more variety the better. Just as long as they accept that I'm a bit traditional and quiet, and accept my opinions too.
    I'm not very conformist either. It's very anti-conformist to be a woman who doesn't spout her emotions! My dress sense and music tastes aren't conformist either, because I have a dark-tinted view of the world.
    Finances and money = the bain of my life.
    Yet I couldn't be more ISTJ.

    You could well be ISTJ, although I'm confused that you don't use a planner! I'd be lost without my diary. Don't you get a bit bored after doing nothing for a while, too?

    Possibly it's the sense of protectiveness and loyalty, teamed with the willingness to see everything "in order". This doesn't mean that everything has to 'conform', just that everything's running smoothly and people are happy. Maybe you're also very stoic and dependable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beat View Post
    Oh my goodness, touche. Even seeing that, I have no recollection of making that, or ever having tested INFJ at any point. I'm actually confused right now..
    Don't feel bad.. I signed up as a ESFJ when I joined the forum, and now look at me

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    Quote Originally Posted by greed View Post
    Don't feel bad.. I signed up as a ESFJ when I joined the forum, and now look at me
    Weren't you ENFP and ENTJ at one point, too? Lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChosenOne View Post
    Weren't you ENFP and ENTJ at one point, too? Lol.
    And both of them since I've joined this forum.
    If a deaf INFP falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beat View Post
    Yes, I have. I've even made a thread about the possibility a while back. I just never test P and I'm not mechanical minded at all (which seems to be a trademark of the ISTPs). If it works, I'm happy and I don't really feel the need to how it works, if it doesn't and it's a technical piece of equipment, I'm pissed and lost in the sauce. lol...

    In a lot of ways, I identify with the P function though; I think moreso within the last couple of years in my life. I've let loose more and become more comfortable in my environment and open to "the moment".

    And I'm not anti-authority by any means, if it seems I've implied that. Hell, I'm an aspiring Police Officer; but I can be easily irritated with inane rules and more irritated with people that stand behind them, trying to uphold them, without even questioning why they're doing it. I guess my definition for that type of person would be a "tool".

    I don't like MBTI anymore. lol
    In strict Jungian terms, P is not actually a "function."

    Being a P means that you extrovert the Perceptive function (in the case of an xSTx type, this would be Se.)

    So, if you can't decide purely by whether the Judging or Perceiving profiles fit you better, try to determine whether you fit closer to the Si/Te mold or the Ti/Se one. To me, your speech seems littered with ISTP pragmatism--if "pragmatic" is one word that may describe you better than any, there's a good chance you're ISTP.

    Let's consider the image you give off to others, for a moment. According to function theory, the difference would come down to this:

    ISTP (Ti+Se) = Introverted Judgment+Extroverted Perception. People see mainly your flexible, unscheduled and adaptable side. While most of your time is spent in quiet reflection on Ti, placing all available data into an impersonal framework which becomes the standard for evaluating everything, your interactions with the external world are handled by Se, meaning you observe, respond and instinctively adapt quickly to changes in your immediate physical environment, preferring to do what feels right at the moment over planning out every meticulous detail.

    You don't have to be mechanically-minded to be an ISTP; that's just a common interest for them. Others likely would not describe you as particularly controlling or organized, and you don't mind changing plans abruptly or not having a plan. ISTPs are good at improvising practical, real-world solutions to technical problems on the fly--they'd much rather learn by doing, through a hands-on direct experiential approach, than by reading books or learning through otherwise traditional means. Often, ISTPs entirely ignore the rules because they're too busy getting directly involved and doing. Due to the Perceptive function Se being extroverted, others see you as more curious than decisive (though internally/privately, via Ti, you are very decisive.)

    ISTJ (Si+Te) = Most of your interactions with the outer world will be handled by Te, which organizes everything in your external world into logical relationships by which useful goals can be completed. Te causes others to see you as more decisive than curious, although you spend the majority of your time in quiet reflection on Si. Si fosters fundamentally a "better safe than sorry" attitude--contrary to Se's ability to instinctively adapt and improvise in the moment, Si relies primarily on what its rich, distinctive memory for sensory details can recall with direct, literal precision.

    So whatever has been directly experienced before is always the basis for how we should approach the future--consider what we *do* know for certain (Si) and have a detailed and strictly organized plan for achieving the goals we seek on schedule (Te.) When ISTJs go into goal-mode, their Te can make them seem like ESTJs, but most of the time they're just in Si mode, absorbing and categorizing every minute sensory detail of their surroundings and constantly adjusting their internal standards according to what is known.

    Si says: If you don't know for sure, why risk it? We already have a tried-and-true method that direct sensory memory tells us will work, so there's no reason to change the method. Si likes to go by the book and stick to the known, that which has been directly experienced and mentally catalogued. ISTJs don't follow every stupid rule just for its own sake--that's an exaggeration of Si--but they will tend to automatically give more weight to any idea that remains within the accepted, traditional framework. If we wander too far outside the known, who KNOWS what might happen?

    Honestly, I'm leaning toward ISTP for you...but you tell me which functional makeup seems to fit you better. Your apparent vehement dislike for following arbitrary rules and traditions just because that's the standard accepted method seems to indicate a high probability of ISTP.
    If you could be anything you want, I bet you'd be disappointed--am I right?

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