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Thread: INTP or ISTP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamathousandapples View Post
    Changing past mistakes. Everything stupid that I end up saying I look back on and I hate myself for it.
    i think this is an ISTP trait.
    my Ni says so.

    even INTP or any other tyoe would hate themselves for saying stupid things.
    but if you take the two types ISTP and INTP, an INTP would be least likely of those two types to hate themselves for saying stupid things.
    they would analyze it or whatever.

    whereas an ISTP would rather hate themselves for it. and i think this is a significant difference btw ESTPs and ISTPs. ESTPs would deny ANY WRONG DOING to others and even to themselves. whereas ISTP would be a bit more introspective enough to reflect on what they did and think a lot abt it. and alas feel guilty abt it.

    INTPs on the other hand would not feel guilty(yes they would but not as much as ISTPs would). since they are so damm awesome they would look at it in the most rational way possible without feeling very guilty abt it.

    and would cleverly AVOID such situations again.

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    ^ I disagree.

    I don't know why but I think it's much easier for ISTP to not care what others think. The reason, I think, is because to an ISTP "What is - is." I find they don't worry about a lot of what can't be observed directly or at that moment. INTP's view is "What is - is...Why is it? How did it become?" This natural curiosity makes us want to know and care what other people think because it's how we gather information.

    When you were beating yourself up about saying the 'wrong" thing, was this looping through your head? - "Damn. I could have said 10+ other things that would have been better and perhaps some of those things could have been the complete opposite of what I did say and it still would have been true"

    If so...welcome to the snark side. I'd say you're INTP. If not...welcome to the dark side. I'd say you're ISTP.

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    It depends on whether you use SeNi more or NeSi more.

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    do you ever give off the aura of eggheadedness without care for much else? thats intp

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    What about your secondary function:
    Ne (INTP) or Se (ISTP)?

    Ne: Interpreting situations and relationships; picking up meanings and interconnections; being drawn to change "what is " for "what could possibly be"; noticing what is not said and threads of meaning emerging across multiple contexts

    Se: Experiencing the immediate context; noticing changes and opportunied for action; being drawn to act on the physical world; accumulating experiences; scanning for visible reactions and relevant data; recognizing "what is"

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