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    Default And another one!

    Here I have another person to type. Yay! This time: a semi-gay friend.

    - Pretty ambivert to me. Sometimes he's very hyper and talkative and sometimes he is to busy thinking or dreaming.
    - Doesn't like it when people want to flirt with him.
    - Pretends to be gay a lot, just for fun or to make girls stop flirting with them. I'm pretty surprised that he's actually straight. (This weekend, he was at a party, still sober, and they started playing a slow, romantic song. So all the couples started slowdancing, and he did the same with a male friend of his, pretending to be extremely in love. That friend already had a girlfriend, but she wasn't there. I know it sounds creepy or boring or childish, but when he did it, it was hilarious!)
    - Solves problems with humor.
    - He has a weak spot for teddy bears, and he's 16.
    - Is good at cheering people up.
    - Doesn't really care about others and he's bad at keeping friends (except a few he already had when he was 4 years old).
    - When somone takes a picture of him, he has to make a crazy face. He can't help it, poor thing.
    - He's only serious when he's drunk. That's why he doesn't like to drink. He says that alcohol makes him lose everything, except for his common sense, which he totally hates.
    - It seems like he only has 3 (very old) T-shirts and 2 pairs of jeans and his shoes are all worn out, even though his parents are rich as hell.
    - Smartest person in the whole world. Helped me surviving a few tough years in high school and told me how to make sure that I don't have to follow deadlines. Thanks dude, you're the best!
    - Never seems to find or keep a proper girlfriend, and he does seem to miss that a lot.
    - Hates to be touched.
    - Always tells the truth. OR he is a good liar.
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    I'd say INTP.

    Solves problems with humor.
    He just doesn't seem too INTJ from what you've listed. I could be wrong, though.

    Statistically speaking though, he is more likely to be INTP than INTJ.

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    I don't know why, but it's lining up with ESFP, the stupid faces, the dancing with a guy, it's typical ESFP kind of humor, and the teddy bear thing fits perfectly, the attachment to the girlfriend, the cheering people up, and the aversion to alcohol sounds like secondary Fi. ESFPs do that, they drink and party for a while, then they seem to turn away from it for those reasons. The parts that aren't lining up are the clothing and perhaps the lying thing, ESFPs are bad liars, but that might have caused the honesty thing, and maybe he feels that those jeans he wears and etc. represent him or something.

    I can't believe my answer is so far off INTX though
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    I'd agree with him being INTP. He sounds way too carefree to be an INTJ.

    I'd almost want to call him an ENTP, but I guess INTP fits better.

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    He sounds like an INTP or ISFP.
    Seems like an Introvert, definitely a Perceiver.
    I'm not sure about Intuition/Sensing or Thinking/Feeling but INFP and ISTP just don't make sense..
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