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    Hmm ... I admit I could see ENFP for this guy as well. The descriptions of him still strike me as being more Fe than Fi, but I realize it's probably hard to tell the difference in someone who's mature.

    marmalade, if you get him to take the test, I'll be curious to know the result!

    Quote Originally Posted by jenocyde View Post
    Wow - are you talking about me??? scary. hahaha...
    (I see that you are also from NYC)
    My friend never lived in NYC, so you're safe. (Although maybe you have a long lost twin somewhere who was adopted by J parents ...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by marmalade.sunrise View Post
    Trust me. He's not an SP. He's just as good of a student as I am, he minored in Political Science, and in his free time he reads a lot of non-fiction politics and history. He's obsessed with history and has considered becoming either a history professor or a lawyer. He's fairly certain he wants to go to grad school.

    ESFPs, in my understanding, aren't especially fond of school, and even when they do like school, they aren't the type to gravitate toward analysis as their primary occupation. There's nothing "clownish" or "entertaining" about him, either - which in my understanding, again, ESFP is either a jokester or a performer, and can be the ring leader of a good time. He's more nice and friendly and engages in debate with people. He gets very frustrated with S people in fact (though that isn't what he calls them but I relate to what he means) because they don't want to discuss the sorts of things he wants to discuss, and are dismayed by his use of certain vocabulary words. He seems like someone who would be really good teacher, because he would be patient and understanding and gets very passionate about history. He puts me in mind more of someone who "herds the sheep" rather than entertains them.
    Ok, given this new information I hereby amend my analysis to ENFP.

    btw, ESFP Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. People can learn to exercise non-dominant functions.
    If you could be anything you want, I bet you'd be disappointed--am I right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sytpg View Post
    I haven't read anything that makes me think he couldn't be an ENFP. In fact I get more of a ENFP vibe then ENTP vibe from the first post.

    Until recently, I was always very punctual even when meeting with friends for a night out at a bar or something. I'm a bit more relaxed (:P) lately for someone reason...I think it's because they themselves tend to arrive late. I never arrive late for appointments.

    Anyway my point is that punctuality doesn't make him a J nor is it more relatable to Fe than to Fi (Fi cares too in it's own way; either through empathy or personal value).

    "Being in control of ones emotions" is what any healthy F should be able to do btw. Two friends of mine who I introduced (a while ago) to MBTI both typed me as T because they too drank the misconceptions' kool aid.

    ETA:I'm not saying he is an ENFP. Just saying that it's possible.
    i'm this way too yeah...i'm pretty much always on time. i don't think that's a j thing. if it's not important i may forget it completely but if it's something i want to do. yeah always on time.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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