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Thread: INTP V.S. INTJ

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    INTx !! like meaa

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    If we are going by whether your dominant function is judging or's hard to say for me. I'm pretty much INTX/INXP. Are you more Ti-Ne, or Ni-Te? I feel about equal on J and P as well, and my cognitive functions reflect this. They look like the two types' orders folded on top of each other. I'm pretty neutral with schedules. I don't like to be tied down with commitment, or having other people decide my plans, but on my own time I tend to get nothing done and that's equally annoying. I always have grand plans to study extensively for school, and my only problem with not doing it is procrastination. And I feel bad about it. Being a good student is very important to me, and often I do study hard and do work in advance. But I have a real problem with procrastination and time management.

    I think you sound more P.

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    they are pretty similar but still quite different.

    INTPs dom Ti leads them to break down and classify things that they find interesting, so they can be a bit more in the clouds than the INTJ. Because (especially for e5) they need to think of a model, and rethink it and organize it once new information is available, they may hoard lots of time and appear completely detached. Every now and then they will come up with new ideas (Ne, normally) which can potentially give Ti more things to consider, and also a break lol.

    INTJs primarily use Ni, which is like absorbing ideas and then coming up with a new perspective that may flip the whole subject over. For example, they get a hunch after reading jack the ripper's victim's deaths that they were probably killed by someone else (the thought he was never caught). Now that that idea is there, it needs to be judged (Te) to see if it has any validity. INTJ's Te puts them in a relentless search for the facts in order to support their theory (Ni).

    Both types are pretty intense, but the INTJ is a bit more worldly than an INTP. INTPs are the true crackpots :P
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    The INTP I've meet and know are more intellectual and have a good manner, but I think INTJ have more morbid sense of humor and very sarcastic and blunt..

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    Avatars and stuff really just don't matter when you determine your type. Again, take a look at what type of intuition (Ne/Ni) and thinking you use (Ti/Te) to determine whether you are INTP or INTJ. The type will be far more useful to you than just stereotypical descriptions that way.

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    Take a look at the functions of both types if you're having trouble deciding. I had this exact same dilemma but reading up on the functions tipped it towards INTJ. It can be difficult sometimes, I for one am very INTP-like when it comes to things I'm not very interested in. When I'm in a class I dislike, your comment about doing a project in the last 15 minutes and getting a B fits me perfectly. When I am interested in something, I prepare and plan and work a lot. And while I put off things until the last minute sometimes, I'm not okay with missing a deadline. One of my friends constantly asks for extensions and hands things in two weeks late and I don't know how he does it. I was prepared for a class last semester when I had surgery the day before and was in the hospital for 4 days prior...

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