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    Default Type my friend's mom!

    She loves being single and she's been that way for maybe 25 years now. She is a HUGE procrastinator. The worst. She has a web design business at home but she always puts off her projects so that she can garden and play fantasy baseball instead. She always listens to audiobooks. She likes to listen to Harry Potter books, Bill Moyers journal and some other ones I can't remember. If someone criticized her, she would NOT care at all. In fact, she'd probably get a kick out of it. She likes having a lot of personal space but she goes out and sees her friends too. She doesn't get nervous around people and is very personable and confident. She likes going to her rotary club. When I had her take the MBTI she kept complaining that she was "both" on everything. Then she got something completely different then I thought she would and I figured it's because the tests are so vague and she didn't know how to answer it anyway. She keeps telling me she "used to" be extraverted and all of these other characteristics.
    E - 79% I - 21%
    S - 53% N - 47%
    T - 32% F - 68%
    J - 32% P - 68%


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    type: Hawt milf?

    I dunno, seems P. not enough core essentials here to get a good guess

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