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As cheesy as it may sound. It's the core that counts.

ENTPs needn't be cold, the idea of being cold and mechanical is more to do with environmental influences imo. Pessimism isn't type related. There might be a correlation between those who think too much, but overall it needn't be that way. Though I've gotta say sorry if that's not what you meant by coldness.

If you feel like an INTJ/ENTP. What's the reason for the mask? Assuming if ENFP is your real type.
When I was little (7 years old) there were these kids that used to tease me. So my dad (probably a ENTJ) told me that I should never show what I feel. Later on I also got into an environment where P-ness wasn't appreciated, so I had to act like a J and because I didn't feel comfortable with the people in the environment and because they took a lot of my energy, I started acting like an I.