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    Quote Originally Posted by cloud View Post
    sell sand in sahara, how do you do this? are EPs naturally good sellers?
    LOL, yes, a very good salesman would be able to sell sand in the Sahara, or ice to an Eskimo or whatever other platitude strikes your fancy. The distinct impression I get from Keirsey's rather unnuanced description of ESTPs is that they can sell anything to anyone, and this guy certainly could!

    Azseroffs, I also always thought this guy had such a tendency to be depressed because he so obviously had no idea of his inner self. But then I always put that down to me being INFJ and for me life is all about learning about your inner self, so I thought ESTPs may not have any need to know themselves the way an INFJ would... but still I can't shake the feeling that it must be a very depressing situation to really have no idea who you are and what you really want!

    Thanks for your comments, guys!
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    In order for society to survive, we must all pitch in and cooperate with one another, split the resources fairly.
    If we get greedy, everything will fall apart
    The main reason why there is no long peace is because everything is set and stone.
    Another is that resources are limited and the ones who had the most goes bad because they are in control.

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