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I see that you have type 6 in your tritype. How well do you feel the descriptions accurately describe the type?
I'm no expert on type 6, but I don't feel that descriptions for that type are particularly accurate or helpful to a lot of sixes either. For a long time I couldn't tell whether my mom was a 9 or a 6, because I can't even imagine her going counterphobic. It turns out she is a 6, but large parts of the descriptions don't fit her because they assume that all sixes have counterphobic phases. What I've observed is that there are a lot of sixes like my mom who are completely phobic and passive and seem like nines, so mistyping must be very common for them. This may simply be that 6 is such a diverse type that the descriptions can't cover every type of 6.

Like with all types, there will be parts that fit very well, and parts that don't fit. There are parts of type 6 that fit me perfectly, even though I'm not that type. Maybe I just have a tendency to get caught up in little details, but I feel that a lot of type descriptions aren't emphasizing the most fundamental aspects that would give a clear picture and distinguish them from other types. (Imho I think the type 1 descriptions are the worst this way, since they emphasize morality when really the type seems to be more about needing to be right and conscientious.)