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Thread: INFJ or ISFJ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lauren Ashley View Post
    Peguy, I just see a very strong J in your posts, but nothing stands out as SJ to me.
    I can see how that can be.

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    There was a few points I wanted to address here:

    Quote Originally Posted by cascademn View Post
    But from the posts I've read of yours, you seem to be less apt to go off onto tangents. More of a straight line of thought, without too many embellishments or random linkages. Language is not overly colorful (this isn't a bad thing, just something I have noticed), it is direct and more to the point.

    There's also more of a formality about you.
    Well as has been stated, that could be because of a strong J on my part. However, I will state that I try to formalise my thoughts far more when trying to present them to the outside world. Seriously, I'll spend extra minutes trying to reorganize, edit, etc. my posts and writing to make them more clear for others to read.

    I'll certainly assure you that's not how they originally come out or even how they're processed within my head. My journals are nothing but random fragments and tangents. I rather like Chesterton's analogy to a vast uncataloged library for what's stored in my mind.

    I was also reading the one thread concerning ISFJs and INFJs, and somebody noted that ISFJs are far more in tune with everyday affairs than INFJs. I certainly can believe and would also further show that I'm INFJ; since I'm often completely lost when it comes to such.

    As I noted in another thread:
    I can focus deeply into the future, yet in my day-to-day affairs I can't even plan for next week often(not to mention my job operates on a day-to-day basis). *sigh*
    I even commented in my blog how much more at home I am in the realm of contemplation than I am in the everyday world. Yet as I also insisted, it's not that I reject the world per se, but rather seek to affirm and understand it from a higher perspective. As I concluded: "The contrast I find between my everyday affairs and my contemplative side are overwhelming at times. I'm often confused as to how the two even fit together into my life."

    Just my two cents.

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