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    Default Type this person!

    A couple of my friends have had run-ins with this person on different occasions, and I've been trying to figure it out. A little background:

    The guy in question is a singer/songwriter (considerably more talented at the former). In his late 30s, he still harbors ambitions to be a rock star but also seems to be in a place where he wants to put his family first. At one point, he had aspirations for a screen career so that he could settle in one place, but he quickly grew tired of auditioning and expected offers to come to him of their own accord. He is extremely sensitive to both serious and even joking criticism regarding his career choices. In his line of work, one would expect that he had developed a thicker skin over the years, but he singles out and is extremely and publicly vindictive towards anyone who expresses disagreement with the way he conducts himself professionally. I would say that he is probably introverted... though he's an engaging performer, he doesn't seem to get much out of interaction with others.

    That's pretty vague, but I'm wondering if this conflict style sounds specific to a certain type.

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    Well, INFPs are very sensitive to criticism, but while we're idealists, we are also very self-critical, and so I know I wouldn't expect any offer to come out of nowhere. Not to stereotype too much, but INFPs are supposed to have a talent at writing and a rhythm with words, so I'd expect he'd be a better song-writer.

    Maybe an ISFP?
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    How has this gotten only one response?

    ... ISFP.

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