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    I wasn't being literal that EVERY INFP will debate it, I was just saying it's common.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    I wasn't being literal that EVERY INFP will debate it, I was just saying it's common.
    Yeah, it is pretty common. I'd say it is more likely.. but I think it's typical to us mostly because of the fact that we try to find the truth in everything, and especially in ourselves. Cause if we understand ourselves, we understand the world. And that's why we're afraid of sticking to one personality description. It seems waaaay too final for that.

    I guess if I was an INTP I'd tell myself how stupid it is to keep second-guessing my type. J is DEFINITELY not me though. My extraverted judging functions are pretty damn rusty... doesn't stop me from getting my lovely Te axe out every once and awhile and having a good debate with someone though. They get tetanus after, and NEVER FORGET ME. HAHA. I've been making myself more extroverted by consciously doing so (I have no choice in the matter you see), but I'd still rather spend my night playing video games, reading the internet, or reading a good book than, you know, meeting people and socializing. Unless they're cool with spending time inside and just chilling, playing some video games. Yeah.

    Thanks for the help guys!
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