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I'm not really sure what kind of responses you were hoping to get, but these are the kind you will get. We're offering our opinions as to what type we think you are, based on our experiences with the various types and the research we have done. But of course, most of us are amateurs here, plus, its especially hard to type someone online. If you don't like our responses, then you are free to disregard them.
Nah, this sound really reasonable now. At least it's not mere copy of something but your thinking is in this post.

Honestly, when I give advice, I will make sure I give an objective one - no emotions involved. But it's just different with totally blocking out emotions from life, isn't it. I just have to make sure - T can have emotions, and F can be analytic. Yea?

At the first moment I know MBTI really consider myself as INFP. It's the profile makes me go =/. I even second INFJ and somehow that sounds better. I have read INTP and that sounds cool but I know I cannot say I'm one because it sounds cool. But it's weird because if I'm INFJ, J does not fit me. Nearly all of you say IXXP for me instantly. Nah, this is the issue.

I nearly read every profile whichever I can get. I just cannot fit myself into INFP. This is my problem. I'm annoyed because if I need advice, I have to know my type right? I just want to make sure - my type is INFP, but the profiles are rubbish.

And uptill now I am totally confused and mix up the two function T & F. It depends on how I make a decision right? But, how is T and how is F? I read somewhere that T is about analyzing the situation, looking from outside, while the F one is about experiencing the situation, looking from inside... right? Just to make things clear. I've heard the example about choice between firing an old man and a young man. F will go for the young man while T will go for the old man. I won't answer this Qs because it's too obvious and I will probably answer the one that I like, but I want to clear up things - is this Qs good enough to illustrate difference between T & F?

I'll go and recheck the profiles of INFP. I hope I can at least find a tiny bits of myself there. Honestly, if the profiles are inaccurate, why don't discard those rubbish?


PS. Now I checked what's Model A. But isn't that something from socionics?