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    Default What's their type--my Fambly?

    Been thinking about this for a while, and I don't know.

    For starters, I can't imagine myself being anything other than INTJ, so take that as read. And either it's because of that or because they're a bunch of Fe nutcases, but I haven't really see any of them in about ten years now, and before that I can't say I had good strong relationships with them at all, but I'll probably have to go back and live on the same continent as them sometime in the next year, so I'm interested to know... and they all refuse to take the test.


    - left university one year into an Engineering degree to become a high school teacher.
    - married Ma quite quickly--six months after they met. He was 22, I think. She was 21.
    - bought a house one year after the marriage, very near to where he worked.
    - had a life-threatening, disabling stroke at about 30.
    - went back to work in an honorary position--no classroom time, but responsible for AV department.
    - Ma said he didn't die just because he refused to.
    - very stubborn about things like walking sticks, hates them.
    - hates and feels humiliated by falling down (the stroke affected his balance and ability to see straight).
    - religious.
    - like gadgets, talks about audio visual aids in classrooms, big on computer-assisted learning.
    - these days likes to talk in idiosyncratic ways about world events--relating them to world domination by Pope-driven Christianity.
    - had a gang of buddies he stayed close with most of his life.
    - is impressed by dominant figures.
    - remains puzzled over why he and Ma no longer live together.
    - has isolated himself from almost everyone but puts out joyful propaganda about how well organised and cheerful it all is.
    - hated his mother with a frustrated passion that grew year after year--he refused to go to her funeral.



    - local area beauty queen when she was 19.
    - smiles brightly in pictures.
    - worked as a bank teller before she got married and knocked up; housewife therein after.
    - religious, more so than Dad--enjoys the community aspect of church going.
    - sings.
    - helps people, particularly martyred to Dad's illness; but for example, when my grandmother, her mother-in-law grew old and into Alzheimer's, Ma was always on hand to comfort and organise, and she was pleased by this role in the evil old cow's last days.
    - works as a sort-of nurse, her agency sends her out to local old people in the area and she aids them in whatever is needed.
    - as she has aged, she has become more cranky and sharp, wanting to draw clear boundaries between her and other people who ask stuff of her.
    - loves to read, would always read when I was young, especially in the sitting room of an evening, ignoring the TV everyone else watched.
    - started attending university--Literature and History--when she was 50.
    - now that she lives alone, has a very pleasant house of which she is proud.
    - for most of her life she kept almost everything inside herself.
    - tells me often that I should come back to the homeland because my sister asks after me.



    - cranky.
    - studied science-y, computer-y, biology-y stuff as an undergraduate; fled a Biology research Master's degree one year into the boring lab work.
    - loves photography
    - makes films. (That are cold and austere.)
    - was very sociable when a young teen--had a bunch of girlfriends called "the group".
    - often attached to someone, and most often very concerned in the negative aspects of the relationships--who wasn't doing what, how the guy didn't shape up, and so on.
    - loves music, but her tastes always seem to me to tend to the muzak end of the pop spectrum.
    - loved the family dog, but doesn't keep pets now.
    - lives alone but is always involved with groups of people.
    - travelled a lot when she got to the right age and financial status--still does.
    - she and Mum have a solid relationship, always spending time together.
    - claims I should come home sometime.
    - not religious, but when she was younger she liked superficial mystical stuff--The Celestine Prophecy was big for her.


    (She took the Humanmetrics test four times--got four different results, one being INTJ, another being ENFJ. The ENFJ result came, she said, when she went through answering in ways she "hoped" her life would be. Generally she insists that I should not use such tests on the family--I should just come home and speak to everyone.)

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    For rather superficial reasons:

    Dad: ISTJ

    Mom: ESFJ

    Sis: ESTP

    Poor you - the lonely N of the household... ;-)

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