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I usually make decisions based on what I feel is the right thing to do and it definitely has to fit in with my personal values, otherwise I just wont do it because I'm not going to do something that I don't agree with, regardless of how much it 'makes sense'. However, before I make the decision I usually go on a big 'information hunting binge' and research as much as I can. Although when deciding which option would be best one of main things I look for is whether or not I will enjoy it. I guess I could say I'm an F based on that.
This part is crucial, it makes me feel you are an INFP. Logic seems to be highly regarded as a personal value, on the basis of Fi, rather than just for its sake, as an INTP would, though one my oldest friends thinks I'm INT which is strange. Do you just partly use Ti for its own sake? I do that quite often. As JocktheMotie says you are quite balanced either way.
Yes, this is crucial; for understanding the concepts altogether. Can Fi value logic? Valuing logic seems to be the definition of T. If T values logic for "its own sake", what would F value logic for? This is where the definitions of Ti and Fi seem to get fuzzy; and the proper meaning of terms like "valuing" become ambiguous. Values seem to be associated with ethics in some descriptions, though in others, it seems to be anything that is "desired".
(Though I would say INFP just on his first sentence, above).