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Thread: Type My Friend!

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    Default Type My Friend!

    Random factoids about this girl:

    1) I'm not a feminist really, but bits of feminism come out of me in different ways. I take pride in subtly bending gender steriotypes by being a female nail biter and wearing little boy boxers on occasion.

    2) I have amazing luck when it comes to being in shitty situations. On an average day, nothing that lucky will happen but when shit is about to hit the fan, somehow luck always stops it. I almost got sent to continuation school because i wasn't turning in enough work, or so i thought. then i found out i made honor roll. when my boyfriend n i went through struggle and repeatedly broke up n got back together, i met an incredibly cute boy out of nowhere to spill my guts to about everything who was there to talk every night. (yes i see this as luck)

    3) I tend to often have a problem with people or situations around me but fail to get out or away from them due to lack of a better idea of who i want to be around or where i want to be.

    4 a) I'm picky about fashion and my appearance. I find almost everything to be tacky.
    4 b) When i have died hair, I often stick to wearing a few of my shirts, because the other one's color clash in a way that i know will annoy me for the entire day if i wear them. Blue hair works with a lot more than pink hair does.

    5) I am part of a low class family run by a woman who prefers to pretend we are middle class.

    6 a) I often want sex just cuz i can have it and not because i actually feel lascivious.
    6 b) I use the word lascivious in place of the word horny because horny sounds gross to me.

    7) I am easily attracted to most men, yet not to most women. Most of the women i like i am afraid to flirt with because im afraid of them thinking I'm a total creep. I have a feeling that i probably come off as that to most women and gay men anyway.

    8) I love gay men and think that deep down i secretly am one.

    9) I worry bout the extended periods of time i go without creating any art. I fear one day i'll want to draw something and no longer be able to.

    10 a) Alot of people misjudge me as being innocent - mostly because of my size and the way i dress. On the inside i see my self as more of a raping, pillaging, swearing killing viking who happens to be very short and a girl. However, the way i dress is often meant as a disguise, simply so that i can surprise people. Part of the aim is to get people to question judgments based off looks.
    10 b) I wish other people would surprise me by acting out of my judgments based on how they look but unfortunately I rarely come across anyone who acts outside my prejudgments.

    11) As a kid, i always envisioned myself growing up to be a smoker. I started having cigarette cravings in my dreams when i was 10. To my surprise, after trying cigarettes a couple times, i hate them.

    12) Finding quarters brings me more joy than finding dollar bills. I use quarters to pay for bus fare, therefore i associate finding quarters with having more opportunities to see my friends.

    13) I have a lot of strong unignorable emotions with no logical thought behind them. However I also have a lot of thoughts with no strong emotion behind them when there should be. I often hate and love without reason, yet i also am sometimes incapable of feeling remorse, regret or grief when the situation warrants it completely appropriate and somewhat expected (ex: when someone dies or wants to commit suicide)

    14) I don't actually doubt the existence of fairies and gnomes....

    15) I see romantic love as a part of friendship. its hard to separate the two.

    16) At some point in my life i want to travel the country, or possibly a foreign country, as a hobo.

    17) I really hope my body is used for something either meaningful or strange and new once i die. Nothing would make my soul roll over in my grave more then to know my body was just burned up. Part of this feeling springs from my secret interest in being able to have a dead body to futz with. donate my organs to scientific experimentation, dish out my flesh to those curious about the taste of human meat, and make a lazy boy chair out of my skin. please.

    18) I feel disconnected to my parents. I don't feel bad about it, but the fact that i don't concerns me as to my own mental and emotional health.

    19) I have a secret goal in life to find a way to harmoniously unite all art forms into something that still will look beautiful

    20) I love video games but I rarely am passed the controller. I have never beat a video game in my life.

    21) i love cooking, but i usually dont have the appetite to eat what i cook and i usally avoid entering the kitchen because my mom will hear me and come out and try to talk to me about something which usually turns into a fight. I wait until she's gone or really busy with something to leave my room to eat or do my laundry.

    22) I wish i was fatter and had nice arm muscles and calves. I also wish my head was bigger.

    23) Hot water is the best possible nourishment anyone could give me.

    24) I hate having to ask others for help.

    25) I am so deeply rooted in the belief that truth is more important than happiness that often times i deny myself happiness because I worry it will cloud my perception of reality.
    - From your fun-loving ESFP.
    Se/Fi/Te/Ni, 44% E / 88% S / 62% F / 67% P

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    I'm pretty sure about the ESP, but the T/F is hard to pin- - either she doesn't care, or she wants people to think that she doesn't care.

    Ne > Ni > Ti > Fi > Te> Fe > Se > Si

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    Second the ESTP.
    "Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave."

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    You seem more like an ESFP.

    Quote Originally Posted by defragmybrain
    15) I see romantic love as a part of friendship. its hard to separate the two.
    This is a very F-ish statement. T's are more likely to separate love from friendship or not even conceptualize the emotion of love but rather consider it to be prolonged lust.
    MBTI Type: iNTj
    Enneagram Type: 3w4 sp/sx

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