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Thread: Help Night!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evan View Post

    No, but...ummm....I'm bad with specifics.
    So don't remember them. I don't care.

    Looking through his post history to find a single example can't be that hard.
    And don't tell me you haven't the effort, because I see you posting up a storm in these cases.

    Bring some evidence to the court once in a while. It's no more effort. Just effort spent somewhere else.
    we fukin won boys

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    You're quite possibly one of the most complex people I've ever run across. You seem to command Fe AND Fi, Ne AND Ni, same for the T functions.

    You're empathic, empathetic, curious, polite, edgy, droll, and take care of yourself. Your humor could stem from Ni/Fi, like my INTJ bff, but you feel "substantial" - meaning, Ne sort of takes up the room, unlike receding Ni.

    You seem very NT at any rate. I could get with INTJ. I could possibly get with INTP, maybe ENTP. But I think you may just be a well-adjusted more outgoing INTJ? My INTJ bff's dad is also an INTJ and he can be very cuddly and personal. When he came to see me in the hospital, he sat by my bed and talked away, making me laugh and being normalizing. He even surprised his INFP wife by announcing that he was going to the hospital to see me (and Jaye after me) because he hates hospitals. (She's a nurse.)

    It's something like when I first met MetalWounds. My gut instinct about him was ISTP (though I puzzled over it for ages), but his Intuition is so highly developed and employed that it threw all guesses off for quite a while.
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