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Don't bother.

Anyways, I definitely see Ti, but not really Ne. Seems like more of an Ni type of thing. Again, Ni/Ti/Fe is possible, but it would still be INFJ.
I was attempting to type the author, not necessarily the subject.

I have never been a responsible person. I forget things, lose things, disregard things. In school I would forget if I had homework and learn next day that I did. If I have a physical object, I lose it easily. If I have bills to be paid, I put them off until I'm in "the mood" for them. I just handle everything very casually.

IN: (head in the clouds):
In school I hardly ever followed directions or listened to the teacher. Even to this day I have great difficulty hearing details. If someone gives me directions to do something in a certain order, I often forget it by the time I get to the task. Sometimes I'll say "Ok" and walk away to do the task - without remembering anything the person said!

Fe: (INTPs have some Fe)
Often I can become outgoing and extraverted when I have to play a "host" role. When I went to band practice alone, I was rather quiet and observant. When I brought people from work and introduced them, I was more into mingling and talking. Speaking of roles, I absolutely require roles if I am to feel comfortable. If I know what is expected of me, I can fulfill that role easily. I am like an actor who can speak lines perfectly but if forced into an improv situation, panicks.

(incomplete, I know)

Admittedly, I'm not really up to speed on the whole dominance thing. One of these days when I have a good enough reason I'll go back and read Keirsey.