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    Default Type me if you dare

    Hello! I wish you good luck!

    1) Context:
    a) What is your age range and general location (Country so that cultural values can be taken into account)? Do you have any impairments that may affect the way that you answer this questionnaire? Any religious or political beliefs (or anything else along those lines) that also might have an effect?

    20s. Europe.
    b) Which types are you currently considering? Why are you considering them and why haven’t you decided on one?
    INTP 4w5 but I'm not sure.
    I know I am an INTP but recently (in the last year) some changes have taken place regarding my personality that makes me wondering what flavour of INTP am I?

    2) What do you deem as your purpose in life?

    To remain in history by improving/revolutionizing at least 2 major industries.

    3) Of the seven deadly sins, which one(s) do you relate to the most and the least and why?

    I don't know the seven deadly sins. Of course I researched about it in order to answer properly.
    I relate most with Pride (Me first, others next!) and least with Sloth (because absence of interest doesn't define me at all).

    4) Analyzing your relationships with others, briefly describe:

    a) The type of people you are drawn to

    People interested in thinking on their own.
    People who are not traditional or conventional in what they do or in what they think.
    People who are intelligent, capable of critical thinking, who can talk about various topics for hours without getting bored.
    People who have interesting hobbies.
    People who are interested in the "practicability" of knowledge.
    People who are curious, enthusiastic, intense and passionate. Which put "soul" in everything they do.
    Creative women with a lot of fantasies.
    People who are good at something (anything) and are able to share with others (know-how, experience).
    People who have something I don't have but I want.
    Happy people.
    People who are in no hurry to draw conclusions.
    People whose arguments are not logical fallacies (at least 40% of them).
    People who appreciate dark humour and are able to tell jokes that they can laugh at (preferably situational humor, not breathless jokes from the internet).
    People who express sensuality, power, intelligence. When we talk about sensuality: women.
    People who play sports and are passionate about a healthy lifestyle, who take care of themselves physically and mentally.
    People who are not very comfortable/inert all the time.
    People who like to travel and enjoy the view.
    People who are not slow.
    Professional people who know a lot about their field and have remarkable results (whether it is a scientist, businessman, sportsman or p*rn actress).
    I can go endless.

    b) The type of people who are drawn to you

    About the same people I'm drawn to.
    With one exception: sensitive people. I attract them for one reason or another. I do not know why.

    c) The type of people you are repulsed by

    People with intense activity on social networks (in their free time, personal account. Not for business reasons).
    People who are not able to think when it comes to a product or service "do I really need this? What qualities does it have?" but instead it is based on the fact that "it is popular, it is sold, so it must be good! I buy it".
    People who are obsessed with technology and rub their phone screens in public places, instead of talking to the people around them or simply enjoying the sounds and views around them.
    Extreme extroverts or extreme introverts. That is, people who are either too "self-detached", who are not introspective at all, don't know themselves and at the same time people who are too self-absorbed, lost in their thoughts and forgets that life means finding a balance between Internal World and External World. I perceive (from a point of view) first ones to be too outward-absorbed and the second ones to be too inward-absorbed.
    People who have no zest for life.
    People whose lives = 99% reactive and only 1% active.
    People who stand in front of me and become obstacles in the way of achieving personal goals.
    People who take themselves too seriously.
    People who don't take themselves seriously at all.
    People who agree / disagree with something just because "society has established this moral code".
    Lazy and inefficient people.
    People who, when they are in society, do not think of others at all. For example, they walk on the sidewalk (as a pedestrian) in the middle of the sidewalk and do not take into account the fact that it bothers someone who may be faster than them.
    People who do not do physical activity.
    People without passions and boring.
    People who think that the way they think is right and the way others do it is wrong. Or their values are the best.
    People who are not open to "conflicts", to have a beneficial contradictory discussion.
    People who don't have trust. In other people or in themselves. Who are always afraid and up guard.
    People who think "Sky is the limit" instead of their beliefs.

    I can go endless.

    5)What are the traits in others that you admire but you cannot emulate yourself? Elaborate.

    1. Efficiency. I can't be how effective other people are. I waste my time quite often. I admire people who get good results fast because "I just do it".
    2. I can't "work first and then play". I always have to do the opposite to be satisfied. I admire disciplined people who can "work first then play" or especially who can combine them.
    3. Sometimes I am too self-absorbed in my thinking and forget to pay attention to the external world. From this point of view: I admire people who forget about themselves while totally dedicating themselves to the outside world. Sensations, experiences, adventure, people, emotions, manifested ideas, anything. I think this is simply Extroverted Cognitive Functions. I admire them all!
    4. I can't be expressive enough. I mean, I don't master the "expression of the inner world to the outside" so well. In fact, I suck at it. I admire people who are very good at expressing their insides, who are not so "confusing" when it comes to it. Because what they have inside expresses perfectly on the outside as well. Ideas, thoughts, emotions.
    5. Many ideas remain only at the idea stage and do not materialize. I admire those who have ideas and are able to turn them into reality (not necessarily all but at least 50% of them). And here I mean good deeds, business ideas, redecorations, changes in their lives, fulfilling goals practically.
    6. I don't have much charisma. I admire people who have a developed sense of humour, attractive personalities and know how to make emotional connections with people quickly. I know I’m awesome (charismatic, good humour) around certain kind of people. I admire people who can be as awesome as they are around many different flavours of people.
    7. Initiative when it comes to anything. I want this -> now I'm going to do it. For example, I want to meet people, the first man I find interesting: I get into a conversation with him.
    Or I want to buy a product. I quickly research and the first one I see according to my preferences: I buy it today. For example, I delayed for 2 weeks to buy something because I am not satisfied with anything (after studying the market for hours, multiple times).

    There are a lot more.

    6) Describe your relationship with the following:

    a) Anger
    I'm almost never angry and I tend to laugh when I see someone being angry because that only means that they are weak. They lack self-control and discipline. Sometimes when a woman is angry I find it hot as hell and this turn me on.
    I believe that: the more frequent a person becomes angry - the bigger lack of self-control.

    b) Shame
    I almost never feel "ashamed" because I am satisfied with my thoughts, actions and what I do and...if something embarrassing happens I know everytime to laugh at myself. I don't take it seriously, I get over it pretty fast. And I get over it even when other people feel "ashamed". I don't perceive them as being weak no matter how good or bad they feel about it. Shame almost don't exist for me.

    c) Fear

    Fear is my mistress. We make love together often and I hide her from public. I don't show it in public but I feel her when she is close to me. I tend to be either: "Flyyyy and find the comfort in the wife arms (I'm not married)" or "W*F bi**h, come at me and I'll show you why you're just an illusion (counterphobic attitude). Bend over!".

    d) Love/passion

    I'm not that expressive regarding this (only in intimacy) but I feel things deeply but these things don't control me (that much). I can (in a way) control the "love" level I'm feeling. I don't fall in love with people, ideas, emotions, adventure if I don't want to.
    Passion - ahhh. If I'm interesting in something, that becomes my passion. I pursue it with full energy and interest!

    e) Conflict

    I don't like irrational or useless conflicts. If I don't win something (or avoiding losing something) I believe conflicts are useless. I don't enter into conflicts to show that my thoughts are better or that my muscles are bigger. I don't have to prove that because I'm aware of this.
    But I'm not afraid of them. Actually I believe I like them. I'm prepared to tense my brain and my muscles whenever it is needed. I'm not afraid to fight (physically or mentally). I like to do it from time to time because it is fun (as long as no injuries occur).
    I like it when people disagree with me and a conflict is reached. That means they don't agree with me all the time just to make me feel good, to be friends or something.
    Conflicts lead to evolution, knowledge and clarification.
    Where there is a conflict, there is certainly confusion.
    After a conflict you can learn something. Or at least you're having fun.

    7) What are some of the themes that have played a prominent role in your life (ie. A struggle you’ve been unable to conquer, etc)?

    I am a lucky person and I always found a way to get out of anything. Things have fallen in the perfect place every time.
    And when a bad thing happened, I saw the good part of it. Because everything has good parts.
    I was always curious.
    I conquered anything I wanted.
    What I failed to conquer means that I did not want enough. Or not worth it. Or maybe I didn't make it - but if you're not able to "conquer" something, it means you don't even deserve it. You can't just enjoy the result.

    8) Answer only one of the following:
    a) [College aged and above] What is your area of work/study? Why did you choose this and would you change it? If so, what would be your ideal?

    I graduated Business Administration and I'm currently studying Medicine.
    I studied/I'm studying these because it is challenging and I'm never bored. Science + having fun at the same time = Love.
    I would never change it. I want to do some other things but that doesn't mean I have to give up the "main road".

    b)[Under college aged] What do you plan on studying/working as in the future? How did you go about deciding this? If this is not your ideal area of pursuit, what would be?

    9) When meeting a new person, what do you tend to focus on?

    If they are interesting, if they are smart, if they can think properly, if they are open-minded. I'm curious about their hobbies and passions. And I'm curious about what can I learn from them. What is the best thing they have. I'm curious to understand better if I'm losing time with them or they have something interesting to offer so that we can interact in the future. And also if they can have fun. And also I focus on how they perceive me, if they have problems with my values, beliefs or some of my controversial side, if they judge me and to what extent or if they have or don't have trust in me. Also if they lie.
    I try to figure out if we have common interests. And what are their biggest strengths and weaknesses.
    If we talk about a woman: I'm looking to figure out if we are compatible or not. Some of the things are deal-breakers for me.

    10) How do you feel about humanity as a whole? What do you feel are some of the biggest problems the human race faces and why?

    Humanity has a lot of flaws. Like...really stupid ones. But humanity also has wonderful qualities.
    That's what we have, we have nothing to do. We have to accept it as it is (we have nowhere else to get another one) and try to be better ourselves and the people around us and to some extent we can try to spread good values, thoughts and emotions for a great percentage of humanity.

    Some of the biggest problems the human race faces is this: competitivity. People too often think they're competing when in fact ... they should be collaborating. That should be more beneficial.

    The second big problem is that there are many inequalities in the world because of some people (balanced or not, psychopathic or not, sociopathic or not) who are not good managers "for humanity". They are good managers only for their empires.

    11) What are some of your hobbies and interests?

    I like to learn and explore anything. I have various hobbies and interests but most of them don't last long.
    Basically whatever I do is for at least one of this purposes: 1. Beneficial. 2. Acquiring knowledge. 3. Having fun.
    I'm listening to music, I play sports (cycling, swimming, MMA, mountain hiking, HIIT), I play chess, I read books, I meet new people (online or offline) and I share thoughts and emotions with them, I study to become better (professionally speaking), I like to travel A LOT and explore different cultures, people, places, I like to spend time in green areas (for example parks) and in nature in general (for example forests, mountains, riverbanks). I like crowded places with various people. I like to play board games, I like to tell stories (from my life experience), I like to have conversations (rationally ones), I like to think about anything and how it could be materialised into a business (and I wish I'll do this when I'll have enough money for it), I like to be mentally stimulated but at the same time to enjoy the intense emotions I feel. I like to use my creativity when it comes to: intimacy thingies, Cooking, dancing. Unfortunately, I don't try new things as often as I want . I tend to stick to "what worked in the past".

    13) How do you usually “hang out” with your friend(s)? When answering, think about what activities you tend to choose, whether you hang out with one person at once or many, whether or not you initiate the interaction.

    I don't do this because of pandemic, because of having a busy life and because...when I want to "hang out" I prefer to do it on my own or with random people/strangers instead of people I already know.
    Most of my friends are just "situational" and they have a functional role. I don't befriend someone so we can spend a lot of time together (I get bored and I value more time spent alone than with other people). For example: I have "College friends". I am having a fun time when we're at College and that's it. During our free time: we don't talk/meet. When I went to the Gym I had "gym friends". We had a wonderful time when we were there but that was it.
    Most of my friends (I'm talking personal things with) are online friends (from other countries/continents most of them) and we just text or Zoom meeting.
    Real life friends with which I hang out with: we meet at one of their apartment and we play board games +- drinking alcohol. Another important action I did with my best friend (he was ENTP): we always hung out to play billiard and drink some beers. That's a thing I really liked and that's the most natural and comfortable "hang out" for me. Having conversations while playing something. Or while going for a walk in the parks or for a bike ride. I also like going to museums as a "hung out" thing.
    Usually people invite me and if I refuse 2 or 3 times they don't do it and then I invite them.
    But recently...I started to invite them too. One of my friends is an INFJ and I invited him (because I discovered we both like walking...a lot) for a bike ride. I convinced him.
    So yep. Definitely not the one "initiating". That much.

    14) What is more important, actions or words? Why?

    It depends. Sometimes words matters more, sometimes actions.
    It depends on her Love Languages.
    If she has Words of Affirmation over Quality Time, it is obviously that words matters a lot. And viceversa.

    Generally: Actions matters more! Because that's where life happens. At the level of spending energy -> MOVEMENT -> ACTION.
    Words means nothing sometimes. But actions means something every time.
    Words also can be so powerful sometimes...even more powerful than actions.
    You discover this when you manage to give an or***m (to a woman) only with words, without actions.

    15) Oh dear, you’ve been cursed by a witch! It’s ok though, you get a choice on which curse you will receive. Will you choose….
    a) To never be able to experience the sensation of taste
    b) To be immortal
    c) To lose your memories
    d) To be poor for the rest of your life
    e) Or to never experience passion
    Elaborate on why!

    I don't choose a) because taste is an important sensation. That gives beauty to life. b) is a double-edged sword. It depends on the terms and conditions but without knowing them I CHOOSE THIS. So yeah - b).
    I don't choose c) because that means losing myself and I don't want this.
    I don't choose d) because being poor gives you a hard time and you'll never be able to taste the greatest beauties of life (I mean those that have a cost).
    I don't choose e) because not experiencing passion - lol. Do you mean...being depressed? Empty? No, thanks!
    16) What do you hope to avoid being? If it helps, describe a person who embodies what you avoid/you as a villain, etc.

    I want to avoid being awesome just for me. Being extremely selfish. I slowly started to get rid of that, extreme selfishness. What does that mean? I started to share a lot more than I did in the past. Everything: ideas, emotions, feelings, kindness, intelligence. I believe in the past I was more of a villain because I kept everything for myself. I had amazing ideas but it was in vain because I kept them only for myself. I rarely shared them. That’s true about emotions too. I was afraid to be vulnerable or to show my weaknesses because I was powerless. Right now, I’m not a villain anymore because I have no problems with showing weaknesses. IN fact, I believe showing them is a beautiful thing because that just gives me personality. I can control them without any problem.
    I hope to avoid being extreme selfless or extreme selfish. I hope to avoid being whatever I listed at the “what kind of people repulses you” section.

    17) How do you relate to obsession? Do you tend to "merge" with others or your interests? How do you feel about the idea of doing this?

    This sounds a lot like me. Basically every interest becomes my obsession. I'm either 100% in or 100% out. Inbetween...yeah, possible, but that does not spark any "light" in me.

    18) Organized or messy? Plans and blueprints or impulse and surprises? What are you preferences and tendencies?

    I am organized when it comes to certain things but I'm messy when it comes to other things.
    I like order and I dislike mess.
    But I don't like order just for the sake of it. I want a functional role for that "order". Also if mess is more beautiful/more efficient than order, I want mess. Sometimes order is just...plain and boring. Sometimes mess is tiring and non-efficient.

    Plans and blueprints have their roles and places. Sometimes I trust them. For example when it comes to traveling: I do a lot of research and I create a mental map of my whole route. I have an itinerary. But I'm not afraid of following impulses, I don't mind being spontaneous and temporarily deviating from the plan.
    Spontaneity is much more fun than planning, in my opinion.
    But planning has its benefits so I prefer to do it, but less often.

    I think I perceive myself as: "The most messy of the orderly and the most orderly of the messy".

    19) How do you subjectively view comfort and how do you create comfort in your life and surroundings?

    Comfort means being pleased and satisfied by what you do and what you are IN THE PRESENT MOMENT but...that doesn't lead to any evolution.
    Being uncomfortable is what gives value to our lives.

    I create comfort in my life by doing whatever I want when I want. That implies: doing anything on my terms. Breaking rules when and how I want, but with style. Actually inventing my own rules/system is more comfortable.
    I am more comfortable when I'm lost in myself. When I'm overthinking. When I am mentally stimulated.
    At the same time I am comfortable when I'm detached of myself. When I forget about me and I just enjoy surroundings, nature, people.

    When I deeply want comfort I either: go for a bike ride, go for a walk, go for exploring a new city/place, or...I just take refuge in my house, play my favorite music, drink some wine or a beer and watch something beautiful (I love to watch travel vlogs) or have conversations with online friends. Or just having a videocall with my family, I like that too.

    This is an important question, in my opinion, but you don't have it in your "questionnaire" so I'll add it: 20) How do other people perceive you? What is the first impression?

    Actually I can properly answer this because I asked a few people about it.
    Most of them said that they perceived me as a super serious guy, formal, always prepared. Sometimes arrogant. Sometimes quirky. Sober and calm.
    After getting to know me better (or I become comfortable) they realize that I'm not so super serious, that I can actually joke a lot (self-irony, sarcasm, situational humour).
    Among the most heard features were: honest, direct, determined, fast, intense, sensitive.

    The point is, this is what I express on the outside.
    Sometimes it is in line with what is inside, sometimes not.

    Before typing me, I want to add something.
    My thoughts: I am an INTP. In the last period I tended to develop "extrovert" habits and that could possibly make me to be an ambivert (but I'm an introvert at the core). I believe I started to develop my Fe and right now I'm much more aware of my emotions and about other people emotions. I started to get along a lot better with high-Fe users since I managed to do that (develop my Fe). And with other people too.

    At the same time, the people I admire are: ESTP, xNTJs and xNFJs.
    I spent time with them and I like the lifestyle of ESTPs, that made me wanting to develop more my Se and just cut the Ti+Ne at the same time. (That's why someone can have the impression I'm a high-Se user. But I don't believe I am. I just have a NEW preference for this).

    I also spent time with xNTJs and I love the fact that they are the only ones who can match my desire of "efficiency" and other criterias. I believe I have a lot in common with my xNTJs friends, we want almost the same things but we just have a whole different approach to obtain that + other minor differences.

    I like a lot INFJs. I believe this type has the most things I like. Sharing some strengths but at the same time having others. It is so cool! I believe this is one of the best matches when it comes to Relationship Compatibility for myself.

    So, as a summary: I believe I'm an INTP with an interest in developing/getting comfortable with Fe, Se and Te.

    PS: also I had to edit this post A LOT because I used "forbidden words". a way, this is a more censored version of myself.

    What do you think? I am interested in anything, MBTI, Enneagram, Instinctual variants, whatever you know/are good at.

    Thanks for reading that and I hope you'll have an amazing day!

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    Welcome to the forum! I hope you'll be posting more!

    You ooze sx. I lean toward sx/sp, but sx/so is definitely possible. I'll think more on this and may post again. I think you're a 6 core, likely 6w7 8w7 3w4, as there is a lot of 7 and 8 also showing up in your answers.
    Be e..x..c..e..l..l..e..n..t to each other.

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    Ni-Te, not INTP. You seem to have polr Fe as opposite to polr Se (by contrast, you seem to have a good grasp on this one, in levels of assertiveness and mobilizing yourself to work on your visions/goals). Being mobilized by Se doms also confirms that, while INxPs tend to feel frustrated or even threatened.
    Overall Ni/Se axis> Ne/Si. Your answer about conflicts is pure Ni/Se.
    I don't think that it's so personal
    I don't think that it's irreversible
    Sometimes I feel like I'm a sentimental trooper.

    6w5 - 3w4 - 9w8 so/sp
    Chaotic neutral.

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    I believe you've got it right. I thought about sx/sp too.
    But I'm not sure about Type 6. I don't relate to that type. I took the test again and the score results were: (98%) Type 4, (89%) Type 5, again. And Type 6 was the last one (45%).
    7 and 8 showing up in my answers doesn't mean much because when it comes to personality: it doesn't matter what it is. But why? What is the motivation behind it?
    I relate to type 7 and 8 but I believe that is not because of my personality. I have certain traits, motivations, present in those types, but for me they are present for different reasons.

    I don't believe you're right.
    I have Ni-Te friends and I can clearly see the differences between them and me. We are a lot different.
    I think I'm only a Ti-user tired of being useful just for me and I'm focusing that Ti to outward World. I just want to improve the Ti, that is how I'm feeling.
    A lot of "getting the knowledge" process happens in my mind. Analysis. I don't get the facts or data from external World that much. Facts doesn't mean that much to me. I don't believe in objectivity. I believe only in a "more-popular subjectivity" and in "Less-popular subjectivity".
    For me: everything is a perception. Not a reality for everyone. Only for me and for those who perceive alike.

    Regarding Ni or Ne, the first one has the interest to connect the dots, to "narrow" the ideas until they get a perfect one and they just follow that. While Ne wants to have multiple bubbles and test them in outer World. They are true? What does other people think about it? Does this work? Let's just do that and see how it goes! Ohhh, it worked that way, if that is true, that means Y is also true and then comes Z, what if this is also true? What if not? Actually forget about it, I want a new hypothesis. Let's just test it and we can come back to the first one later.

    This is exactly how I am. I present you a characteristic of Ne when it comes to conversations: they have the ability to talk about 5 different subjects at the same time. I know this is something related to Ne-users because the only people I could do that with (without losing interest, keeping up with the pace) were Ne-users all.
    For example: we talk about something (rockets) then we get to cakes then we get from cakes to what effects does the consumption of sweets produce in women when they are menstruating and then we get back to rockets and to some physical principles we could use that could make rocket flight more efficient and then we get again to cakes and then we get to horse racing and after this we get back to women, sweets, period.

    This is exactly the sequence in which a conversation takes place when I unleash myself with another Ne-user.

    Can you explain to me what does "polr Fe" or "polr Se" mean?

    Being mobilized by Se doms (actually I was referring to ESTP rather than ESFP) is a great thing for Ti-users. Why?
    Sharing Ti. That means xNTPs and xSTPs are as interested in acquiring knowledge, they share same curiosity, they just have different ways to satisfy their needs for knowledge/curiosity. An INTP would prefer (generally) to completely dettach from his senses because he thinks he can "satisfy" his needs easier that way. I know that because I was exactly like this in the past. But it comes a time (when the INTP matures) when Fe develops. And he pays a lot more attention to feelings, he starts to take them more into consideration.
    Curiosity + desire to acquire knowledge + paying attention to feelings => that's a lot of job to do. It gets tiring. So what they have to do? If they are wise, they'll try to be more balanced. And they want to get a "pause" from all that shit.
    They can go to a vacation with a Se-dom, for example. And they starts to discover how beautiful it is to satisfy their needs in another way, to be less faithful to your assumptions, theories and thinking-process and instead focusing on the physical dimension of existence.
    Then if all things works good and the INTP refuses to be persistent in his own mind traps => BOOM! a preference for Se.

    I know that INxP feels frustrated or threatened by Se-doms because I have INxP friends and they are threatened even by me, when I try to take them out of their shells, out of their persistent "this is the only way I'm working". I encourage them to explore themselves and life, to approach it with different perspectives.

    I know that watching things from different point of views is a common thing for xNTs. That's true for xNTPs too. But they have a weakness when it comes to this (probably that is because their Si?): no matter how far they move from shore, they forget to raise their anchor.

    We have to take into consideration the fact that a mature personality does not depend on the preferences of cognitive functions of his personality in all situations.
    As you mature, you learn to use different approaches, different cognitive functions, depending on the situation. Maybe sometimes a different approach than the one you're used to is more effective. Even if it's less comfortable.

    A Ti-Ne user will not use Ti-Ne under any circumstances. That's true for Ni-Te too.

    For example, you say that my vision of "conflict" is a "pure Ni/Se" thing.
    Well, you didn't wonder if I had a pure Ne/Si vision all of my life until 3 months ago and maybe in the meantime something happened that totally changed my perspective and I found out since then that Ni/Se approach is much more efficient?

    Okay, now I've raised another issue.
    Can an individual's personality change over a lifetime?
    And if so, to what extent?
    What about the expansion of personality? Has psychology talked about such a thing?
    Can someone with a certain personality type, based on experience, expand over other personality types and have a Core + other partial personalities at the same time (in MBTI, just like Enneagram do with tritype thingie), features/modes of operation, specific to other personality types?

    See, there are many things we don't know.
    Sorry I strayed from the original subject.

    Can you ask me additional questions that I can answer to find out if I am a Ni/Se user or if I am a Ne/Si user?


    Thanks for your answers!
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    There are some really bad tests and descriptions out there, and there are some that just aren't good with certain types. Sx/sp itself can look very 4ish. I get 4 on tests more than any other result, and used to think I was one, but it's not even in my tritype. Of course, it's possible you are, but it's good to look at what sources you're getting information from since there are so many that are misleading and actually are describing 6s and 9s in their 4 descriptions.

    Here are some good sources:
    Hudson's 27 Type Profiles

    Type 4 — Enneagrammer
    Type 6 — Enneagrammer
    The Many Contradictions of Type 6 — Enneagrammer
    Misconceptions about Type 4 — Enneagrammer
    Be e..x..c..e..l..l..e..n..t to each other.
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    I wanted to type you, but do you accept if I type you from 20% of the material you've written and how would you have it chosen?
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    Looks like you know more than I do about this.

    I studied what you offered me there and you should know that now I seem to identify with type 6.
    You have reached a wonderful goal.
    You managed to make me doubt the test results and instead to seek further alone.
    This is actually what anyone should do when it comes to "typing on a forum".
    Because we ourselves are the ones who know us most.

    It is clearly that I couldn’t type myself accurately (when it comes to Enneagram) because I don’t possess enough knowledge.
    But maybe it's also because the enneagram type isn't so obvious, is it much more "fluid"?

    When it comes to MBTI ... it's something that STANDS OUT.
    You can meet 100 people from each type of personality and you realize at some point what they have in common, each of them (each type of personality), that something specific is present in them that is not present in anyone else. Or it is less common or in a much lower dose.

    In this sense: can you recommend me videos with interviews or types interaction? A youtube channel or something. I think this is the way I learn best to recognize and understand personality types. Just reading about it is boring and not clarifying. We have to see how do they manifest in outer World.

    When I see someone with my personality type, I will notice the things we have in common and say "YEP! That's what I am! This is sooo me!".

    What I don't identify with when it comes to Type 6: I believe in ambivalence. (From what I understand, they don't really. They believe in duality, but not in ambivalence. They think something is either good or evil. I don't. I believe everything is good and evil at the same time based on point of view. Or nothing is good and evil, just our interpretation makes it that way. It depends. (that was one of the big difference between me and a friend who is typed as a 6)
    But what do I identify with when it comes to type 6: I'm multiple various things at the same time! One of my fears is to "fall into a category" and have a "label". This is something natural, I don't seek that because honestly I find it stupid to seek for that. Being different or "unique" just for the sake of it, is just stupid. I do it unconciously (I believe?).

    I want to be and express openness. Openness to something new and totally different from what I am or what I think or feel. I want to have the doors to consciousness wide open.
    I am able to change my value system in a week.
    I don't like to be limited in the sense that "I'm this type of person, I do this, this and this, I like this and this and this so MOST LIKELY I'M x, y, z".
    I don't like to be superficially defined, categorized according to my preferences.
    (Yeah, lol. That contradicts "well you just want to know what kind of personality you have while you don't want to be categorized." See what I'm talking about?)

    EDIT 2: I read this and I relate A LOT with that. Naked truth, energy, all or nothing, idealizations, rawness, authentic, embrace messy, qualities I wish I had.
    The SX4: the passion of envy in the SX zones. Envy can be a bit complex, so I also use the term hypersensitivity for 4s in relation to instinct. "I am deeply affected by attraction and the lack thereof." The lives of SX4s are powerfully directed by what most activates them. SX4 reveals the problem w. language. We might say, SX types are intense, but really all 4s & 8s see themselves as intense, & many people do in general. What do we mean? SX4s are led by what has energy for them, & are willing to live risky lives for the sake of that energy. SX4s emphasize the edge & fusion zones of SX inst. They tend to live unorthodox lives. Security & stability are not big values for them. They seek powerful immersion in whatever is the object of their attention & can be uninterested in anything that lacks attraction for them. When troubled, SX4s become extremely volatile--going between intense love & hate. They can be attracted to what repeats a troubled history. At their best, they are profoundly insightful, humane, & unbridled in their creativity. They welcome us to embrace our messy humanity

    Naranjo called SX4 Competition & it is true that they can be highly competitive sexually--both overtly & covertly, seeking to overcome feelings of inadequacy by winning SX competition. I call SX4 Infatuation because of their "all-or-nothing" attitude with attraction & love. A trap for SX4 is to become attracted to people I envy--who have qualities I wish I had. This can lead to mixed feelings about the other & to a diet of self-criticism: I am daily reminded of what I think I lack. Lots of healing for SX4 comes in seeing thru such idealizations. SX4s don't think of beauty in terms of classically "nice" things, instead finding it in the rawness of life--even in suffering. Thus, through their insights & art they are master of helping others accept & land in the naked truth of their experience & authentic feelings.

    SP4s tend to be more introverted, private & self contained than SX4s. But this doesn't mean SX4s are "people people!" All 4s tend to feel some degree of social awkwardness, but SX4s are looking for friends & partners with whom they can swim in the intense energies of life.
    //end of EDIT2.

    I guess something but ..

    Even if I think that typing should be done on what I didn't write rather than on what I wrote, on finding connections between what I didn't write and what I wrote, even if I think that typing should be done based on something much more than 100%, okay.
    EDIT: Yeah, this is just the norm, actually. Sometimes 20% is more than enough. //end of EDIT
    You can do it, just for fun. Or for more, if you have an interesting motivation.

    Do it!

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    Unfortunately I don't know of any video resources I'd trust for typing. Others might, though.
    Be e..x..c..e..l..l..e..n..t to each other.

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    i sense intp just by the sheer amt of verbiage

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