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    Default Another Type Me Post, Yay?

    I’ve been confused about my enneagram for a while, so I’ve decided to take the plunge and ask for... help... *shudder*.

    I hope I'm doing this right because I've never posted on a forum in my life, let alone this one.

    1) Context:
    a) What is your age range and general location (Country so that cultural values can be taken into account)? Do you have any impairments that may affect the way that you answer this questionnaire? Any religious or political beliefs (or anything else along those lines) that also might have an effect?

    I'm an 18 year old, and I live in America, and am an immigrant from the Philippines (but I really don't care about their values). I am an atheist and pretty neutral politic-wise. I'm diagnosed with depression and do not currently take medication.

    b) Which types are you currently considering? Why are you considering them and why haven’t you decided on one?
    I suspect I’m a 4w5 sx/sp, however, I have typed myself in the past as a 1, 3, 5, and 8. I doubt my type too often so I need some outside help.

    2) What do you deem as your purpose in life?
    I don't think anyone has a purpose in life. I think you should do what you want, if you want to strenuous work in an office, you do you. Obviously, there are some limits. My goal in life is to create an environment for myself where I can pursue my interests freely, although my goals in life change frequently.

    3) Of the seven deadly sins, which one(s) do you relate to the most and the least and why?
    I don't really relate to any of them, but Envy and Sloth I relate the most to. With envy, I used to be angry that others had what I didn't have, and I wanted material possessions that they had. Now I don't feel that way, because I can rationalize that it's better that I don't have those things, and it doesn't make sense to compare myself (usually). Sloth too, but when I didn't have depression, I didn't relate to it.
    With the least, probably Gluttony. 5 is said to be gluttony, and my partner is a 5. I am much more flexible and giving of my time compared to him. I don't think there are limited resources in regards to time and energy, although this is true, I see no point in withholding my time or energy.

    4) Analyzing your relationships with others, briefly describe:
    a) The type of people you are drawn to
    I'm drawn to people who are alone. With lonely people, I like being the one who approaches people, and I feel like we could stick together. I say lonely as a placeholder for introverted, since not every introvert sits by themself.

    b) The type of people who are drawn to you
    I don't know. People don't really talk to me very often... maybe because I unintentionally isolate myself, or because I look scary (which is on purpose sometimes). People don't usually go out of their way to talk to me.

    c) The type of people you are repulsed by
    People who are over-emotional and quirky. Seeing public displays of negative emotion, like crying, means to me that they don't know how to control their emotions, and will manipulate me to feel bad for them. With quirky people, I mean people who are ingenuine about themselves and go out of their way to seem different. It annoys me irrationally.

    5)What are the traits in others that you admire but you cannot emulate yourself? Elaborate.
    I admire people who are diligent and moral. I find it hard to do things to a routine and commit (besides relationships... I love committing to those ).

    6) Describe your relationship with the following:
    a) Anger
    I get angry when I’m wronged and when something is unfair. (and not to my advantage ) I have many things that I should be angry at, but I usually don’t feel the need. In the past, my anger was very… explosive? When things were very bad, I would destroy things, or yell at people. I don’t feel remorse when I do things like that because it’s usually justified if I get mad, as I am the best at judgment /s. I don’t get mad often though, and I’ve learned to keep it to myself. (I also always cry whenever I’m mad.)

    b) Shame
    I feel shame whenever I get made fun of. I rarely take it personally, I either understand why I’m being made fun of, and ‘fix’ it, or think the other person is extremely insecure of themself. I don’t think I feel shame very often.

    c) Fear
    I get scared sometimes when I go into new environments or am pushed to do something I’ve never done before. I’m scared I’ll seem incompetent. I usually just need a breather whenever I feel anxious.

    d) Love/passion
    I seem much more intense compared to my partner. I feel truly happy when I love someone and can express that. I do not feel passionate about physical things or interests, but I do for people. If I feel infatuated by someone, they can take over my mind for weeks.

    e) Conflict
    I find conflict… fun? Kind of sadistic, I know, but I notice that things are boring without conflict, so sometimes I stir things up, not all the time though. Conflict is nice to test your abilities and personality and can bring people together.

    7) What are some of the themes that have played a prominent role in your life (ie. A struggle you’ve been unable to conquer, ect)?
    Depression obviously is something I've been struggling to conquer. I'm an immigrant and an only child of a single mother, so, I've been lower than the people around me economic-wise. I feel like I need to get to their level, I guess, but it isn't that strong.

    8) Answer only one of the following:
    b)[Under college aged] What do you plan on studying/working as in the future? How did you go about deciding this? If this is not your ideal area of pursuit, what would be?
    I plan to work as a pharmacist. I decided this because pharmacists earn well, it doesn't require me to be overly nice, is pretty stationary, and medical-related things are mildly interesting to me. I don't dream about working very much, but I don't want to be a freeloader.

    9) When meeting a new person, what do you tend to focus on?
    I usually evaluate whether I'd like to be friends with them. I don't particularly focus on any traits.

    10) How do you feel about humanity as a whole? What do you feel are some of the biggest problems the human race faces and why?
    I feel like humanity is overwhelmingly neutral. Our environment affects us too much for me to decide about everyone. The biggest problem is that people are too malleable. Being malleable allows you to be corrupted by power.

    11) What are some of your hobbies and interests?
    I like listening to music and drawing. I wish I could make music myself, but I'm not skilled at any instruments or songwriting.

    13) How do you usually “hang out” with your friend(s)? When answering, think about what activities you tend to choose, whether you hang out with one person at once or many, whether or not you initiate the interaction.
    When I'm with one single person, I usually decide what we do with them. We usually chat and talk about things, serious and not serious, and in tangents. When we start to get bored, we go outside and drive or walk to places without any clear direction. I usually hang out with multiple people though. We also go off into tangents, but rarely talk about serious things. I'm not the 'group therapy' kind of person. With groups, I plan out w In both single and group interactions, I'm the one who initiates.

    14) What is more important, actions or words? Why?
    Both. You shouldn't disregard one or the other. What people put into words are things they're confident about, or trust you enough to share. Their actions demonstrate unconscious decisions or their thinking without you staring at them.

    15) Oh dear, you’ve been cursed by a witch! It’s ok though, you get a choice on which curse you will receive. Will you choose….
    a) To never be able to experience the sensation of taste
    b) To be immortal
    c) To lose your memories
    d) To be poor for the rest of your life
    e) Or to never experience passion
    Elaborate on why!
    Definitely a) To never be able to experience the sensation of taste. I don't really care too much about food anyway. I'm a pescetarian, so I'm good at limiting what I eat, I haven't eaten a steak in a while even though they taste so good. The rest of them matter too much to me.
    I don't want to outlive everyone I love, so b is a no. I put a lot of value on my experiences, so c is off the table. D is a no, because then what's the point of working, and also I want to have nice things at some point. E is too important to me compared to A.

    16) What do you hope to avoid being? If it helps, describe a person who embodies what you avoid/you as a villain, ect.
    I avoid 'quirky' people, so I guess I avoid pushing myself to be something that isn't naturally myself, although I do that a lot. I avoid overdoing things.

    17) How do you relate to obsession? Do you tend to "merge" with others or your interests? How do you feel about the idea of doing this?
    Yes. My personal interests can distract me for months, only for me to drop it and move onto another thing. I tend to merge with my interests unintentionally, changing myself to fit it unconsciously, like my art style, or my personality. With people, I haven't found someone whom I can merge with yet, so I can't say too much about it. I don't care if my tendency to obsess over things is bad, because I WILL do it, and it's natural for me, so why try to stop it?

    18) Organized or messy? Plans and blueprints or impulse and surprises? What are you preferences and tendencies?
    I'm messy when I'm with myself, and organized with others. I'll be the responsible one (but also fun one) with my friends, cleaning things up for them, waking them up, and being strangely particular when I'm with them. I'm not sure why, but I suspect it's because I want them to see me as responsible. I plan things regarding my relationships, but with independent academic work, I'm less rigid. I prefer to be more perfectionistic when I'm with others I guess because I don't trust that they'll be competent enough to do it themselves.

    19) How do you subjectively view comfort and how do you create comfort in your life and surroundings?
    I view comfort as having people and an environment that you can retreat to, and having someone come along with you in unfamiliar environments. I don't have much control over my surroundings right now, but I make my room as personal as I can. I put things up on my walls that are related to my interests or my art.

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    I would guess 641. Sp/sx. But you are not easy to type so I could be wrong. 4sx/sp would have even more envy and anger, emphasis on competition. 6s are concerned with whether they can trust others, they might test them (like what you mentioned with conflict).
    Be e..x..c..e..l..l..e..n..t to each other.

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