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Thread: Type confusion

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    I find the mind battles highly amusing. Arguing with an INTP is quite stimulating. Although, I did post my questions here in stead of INTPCentral to avoid some aspects of the arguing. Lol. Nevertheless, the dynamics are very enlightening.

    Perhaps, MBTI theory alone isn't the most comprehensive method of typing some of us. I do think that cross typing may be more insightful. Like Nightning said, the cognitive process flow says a lot.
    Men's natures are alike, it is their habits that carry them far apart. -- Confucius

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelric View Post
    Just because you come to conclusions easily doesn't make you right. Doesn't make you wrong, but step back and think about it. Are you so stunningly insightful that you know the inner workings of complete strangers better than they know themselves, based on a few forum posts?
    Yes. Why this isn't obvious to you, only makes me wonder about your insight.

    Does the possibility that you're *not* seeing the whole person occur to you? What you don't see *is* important, like you say... but just because you can't see it doesn't mean that it's not there (especially for an online short-time acquaintance). Obviously we all have opinions about others on the forum as to type, etc., but trying to overrule someone else's self-assessment, stating a high likelihood or certainty? Like I said, a great way to be wrong.
    Your opinion here, while you obviously "have it," I haven't seen to be based on reality. It's as if you'd tell a psychiatrist to let every patient self-diagnose.

    Actually, I have NOT noticed this. The SJ's I know do not tend to say such things - they're actually quite confident in who they are, type-wise (and otherwise). What I have noticed is that sometimes, people with strong type preferences (person A) can tend to make assumptions about people who don't have (or do not display) strong preferences (Person B), and in such cases almost always assume that person B must somehow prefer the opposite of what person A does (I've caught myself doing this, and it's why I noted that Falling2Fast's wife may be assuming that he fits into one type simply because she exhibits an opposite type very strongly.)
    It seems that you live in Bizarro-MBTI world, where the SJs are the analysts and the NTs aren't sure about anything.

    You'll note that I used the word "assessment" and not "analysis." (I did, in fact, think it through.) While "analysis" may or may not be an appropriate word, I'm quite confident that an ESFJ (or anyone else - come on, even intp's can do it ) could learn about type and make decisions about what fits them best (note that I'm most certainly not conceding to your belief that Jen's an ESFJ.)
    Sure, anything's possible. But it didn't happen in this case, so it doesn't help your theory at all.

    Just because it might not relate to type classification doesn't make it a) wrong, or b)impractical. Not everyone fits into a type so easily, especially when it comes to introversion/extroversion.
    It doesn't make it wrong, but it does make it impractical. There's no point to adopt the system because it's too....Just take a look at what I've already said about systems like this in Haphazard's System thread.

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