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    Default Type and functions used?

    How would you type the following description of this person, include functions if you can: to merely describe your personality in words is proving to be very challenging. You are a very complex person, and although I took today to ponder the words that I believe would describe you best, nothing I type will be able to accurately depict how amazing and special of a person you are to our family and everyone else who is blessed with your energy. I think you’re always longing for more, and that in turn explains why you are extremely dedicated and hardworking towards your goals. However, I think when something doesn’t go to plan, you take it extremely hard. You have a big heart, but you don’t wear it on your sleeve. You’re always there for others when they need it the most. You’ve taken challenging experiences and have flourished and become stronger.

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    It's hard to tell basing on this short description.
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