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    Quote Originally Posted by The Cat View Post
    They are the kind of activities that fuel my spirit; exploration and adventure are the things that make life worth it. And there's nothing like actually being there getting it on you. So to speak.
    I feel the same
    In my defense I was left unsupervised
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    E: Broad interests, social
    F: You focus on feelings, vibe, less certain about time management
    P: Not finishing things, liking randomness

    And in general you just seem light hearted

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    Oh also

    The money/luxury and physical stuff thats stereotypically Se yeah. Idk I wouldn't say it makes sense that only Se types can do it though. I myself relate to these tho I'm not typed as Se or Si either way so far. But ENTP girl I knew also liked to do things like, climbing, but she added her own imagination into the action while doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cupcakemonster View Post
    @AceHop I appreciate the feedback. I'm not sure I really see myself in any of the youtube video examples. Speaking of youtube though, I'm thinking of starting a youtube channel this year with an enfp relative, so I'll link the videos here when we do that & maybe it'll help people to type me better.
    You should do that, it would be interesting ! and you don't necessarily have to relate to the individuals in that example, I've met people that were my type or similar, some I relate to and others a little less so. Cool, it's likely that you're on the Se/Ni axis. What have you narrowed your types down to ?

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